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How to combine kitchen furniture colors? Discover proven tricks

Destini Fry
How to combine kitchen furniture colors? Discover proven tricks

Choosing kitchen furniture and its color is very important. This is why you should think about it carefully, so that staying in the kitchen is pure pleasure. Thanks to that, we will be more willing to cook in it.

The kitchen is one of the rooms where we spend a lot of time. We prepare meals there on a daily basis, but often the kitchen table also becomes an office or a place to do homework. Consequently, a kitchen must not only be functional, but also make us feel good. Kitchen cabinets can be either uniform or contain several colors, materials or textures. Someone who is not fond of monotony can in a few steps make his kitchen not boring. So how can we combine our favourite colors with kitchen furniture in a room that is the heart of the home without it being boring or overwhelming?

Not only white anymore

Global trends have definitely made more space for other colors than white. It has given way to neutral shades of gray, beige, and colors that draw inspiration from nature – such as brown and green. Of course, you don’t have to give up white, but you can combine it with a bolder color. If you are not afraid that the latter color may overwhelm you, then bet on stronger accents. The time for uniform and monotonous furniture is over. There are tricks that will allow you to opt for expressive colors in your kitchen

The art of combining furniture colors

When decorating a kitchen, we usually opt for a solid color of furniture that matches the shade of the walls. This is quite a cautious approach. The simplest solution to combining the kitchen build is to divide it into zones – upstairs and downstairs. This is the most popular way to introduce color in the kitchen. And here you have quite a bit of room for improvement

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If you opt for light-colored upper cabinets, this tonality will make the interior look visually larger, calm and orderly. In the opposite combination, when the bottom will be white, and the top, for example, purple or red, the interior will gain character and a definite look. Just remember to bet on colors, which you definitely like and are pleasant to the eye.

Colors by work zones? This idea in recent years has more and more supporters. This zoning of the kitchen can make meal preparation extremely easy. Separating the zones means that even cleaning can go faster and more enjoyable. Here you would have to bet on separating with different colors of cabinets and fronts. The furniture near the oven and stove can be of a different color, while the furniture where meals will be prepared or served should be of a different color. In this way, your kitchen will certainly be enlivened and you will get an interesting and effective composition

Among the elegant and interesting color combinations of fronts in the kitchen are:

  • white with extinguished green, and to this gold handles,
  • white with muted blue,
  • white and black,
  • gray and brown.

Fronts in the kitchen. How to combine colors with furniture?

If someone decides on a classic white kitchen, however, should look for other solutions that will make this room gain color. Fronts will add character to the kitchen. The least risky will be the combination of them with white. Here the best match is with gray fronts, black or those resembling wood. You do not have to give up more intense tones such as blue or green. For the more daring, a kitchen in shades of gray and black can have as many as three combinations of fronts: white, black and wood. Even through such unusual combinations, interesting and, above all, original effects can be obtained

Extremely interesting and gaining popularity solution in the selection of colors of kitchen buildings is the ombre effect. Here an important tip for those interested in this effect is to have three levels of furniture. For two rows of upper cabinets and one lower, three different tones of the same color are prepared

Appliances and furniture. How to compose them?

Often it turns out that it is quite a challenge to choose household appliances matching the color of the furniture. Here, however, it is better to bet on simple solutions. Cabinets in shades of white, gray and beige will go well not only with white, but also with black, silver or brown. If you bet on a stronger color of the fronts, such as red, the equipment should be rather the background. Black color will be the ideal solution.

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