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How to better keep your home warm?

Destini Fry
How to better keep your home warm?

In a few months, the heating season will begin, and with it comes the age-old problem of how to keep your home warm. You can do this by using simple tricks to retain heat.

Reinforce the radiator

Radiators are mounted close to the walls, so only a portion of the heat heats the home. It is mainly the wall on which it is located that is heated. To prevent this situation, place a heat reflecting foil on the wall behind the radiator. Magnetic or aluminum foil will work best for this.

Seal the windows in your home

Leaky windows can cause up to 20% heat loss. To prevent this, it is worth using acrylic compounds or self-adhesive gaskets. They should be installed in the early autumn because they evaporate (crumble and crack) when exposed to cold.

Seal the door

External doors should be sealed in the same way as windows, using dedicated gaskets. It is also worth sealing internal doors. You can protect them with a special foam or draught excluder.

Clear dust from radiators

A thick layer of dust organically distributes heat evenly throughout your home. Although cleaning radiators (especially old cast iron ones) is a tedious task, it is worth doing to reduce heat loss.

Socket covers

Sockets can also cause heat loss in an apartment. Therefore, it is worth buying covers to prevent cold air from entering the apartment through the sockets.

Take advantage of kitchen heat

The kitchen is the warmest place in the whole house. That’s why it’s a great idea to use that heat to warm up nearby rooms such as the living room. All you have to do is open the oven door after you finish baking. This will allow the warm air to get into the rooms nearby.

Make use of solar energy

If the weather is sunny in winter and autumn, uncover your windows. This will help you naturally increase the indoor temperature.

Don’t block radiators

Do not place furniture near radiators. Do not cover them with long curtains either. Warm air will circulate between the curtains and the wall instead of warming the interior.

Keep a constant temperature

As much as 15% of heat escapes at temperatures higher than 21°C. Therefore, if possible, keep the temperature at a constant 20°C.

Turn the radiator down at night and while you are away

If you can, turn the radiator down at night. You sleep better in a cooler room. When you leave the house, it’s also a good idea to turn the radiator down. The temperature cannot be too low because the apartment will cool down.

Replace windows with airtight ones

If you have old windows, if possible, replace them with new, tighter ones. Old type of windows can cause about 10% heat loss.

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