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Garden lighting – the way to a beautiful and safe garden

Destini Fry
Garden lighting – the way to a beautiful and safe garden

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Garden lighting fixtures are a priority. It turns out that this kind of investment is planned already at the stage of designing the property itself and the development of the plot. Remember that the garden lighting is not only to give a beautiful, atmospheric light to emphasize decorative elements. It should also be a factor that increases the safety and functioning of all household members. Moreover, the use of modern technology is very often also important for increasing the comfort of daily activities

Practical garden lighting

How to light the garden so that the domestic space can be used in optimum comfort? Garden lighting must first of all be practical, durable and safe. More and more attention is also paid to energy efficiency, is why LED garden lighting and solar garden lighting are already common, although the latter type is much more suitable as a decorative element

First of all, any light points must be well planned. The lighting in the garden must function in the most exploited parts, which is the terrace, but also in the space in front of the house. Here we distinguish driveway garden lighting, which illuminates the path from the gate and the entrance gate up to the front door and the garage or carport. For this purpose lights on the driveway or alleys are used, but also standing garden lighting, such as lanterns and garden lamps

Because modern construction involves the use of innovative technologies, outdoor garden lighting has to save energy, be easy and intuitive to use. Motion sensor garden lighting, for example, is great, and these state-of-the-art systems allow you to manage the light even when the homeowners are not on the property. In this way, light can enhance safety throughout the home space

Importantly, the organization of light points and the entire wiring of the garden should be handled by professional teams. The weather conditions that prevail outside are not always favorable. The lighting elements themselves in the garden must be made of the best quality materials. Here we take into account first of all their durability and resistance to water, high or low temperatures and the intensity of light generated, rather than aesthetic considerations

Decorative garden lighting

It should be noted, however, that garden lighting can be a unique decoration of the green area. Points of light can be installed among the most beautiful specimens of garden vegetation, and garden lanterns can decorate alleys or water ponds. There are also sconces used on the garden terrace or hanging garden lighting at canopies and garden gazebos

Romantic atmosphere is added by garden lighting in the form of garland and small solar lamps powered by daylight – these can be chosen according to the preferred size or shape – great for example is the ball-shaped garden lighting. Interestingly, garden lighting can be successfully selected according to the style of the entire space, so that the light is a decorative element. Playing with light in the garden can create a unique atmosphere and give a specific mood. However, there is no doubt that even additional, decorative garden lighting will be useful whenever we want to use this home space not only during the day, but also in the evening hours or at night. Holiday time and high temperatures give the right conditions for this

The most popular garden lighting

Lighting for the garden can be chosen according to the intensity of light, but also the function it is to perform. We distinguish between mandatory lighting, such as that allowing you to use the space at the door or gate regardless of the time of day or night, and additional lighting, which increases the comfort of the entire home space

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Themost common choice are standing garden lamps, which are placed in a row along the sidewalk or right next to the fence. The aforementioned sphere light points are just as well suited in this regard. It is common to use overhead lighting and sconces mounted on fixed elements of the house or terrace. These provide visibility right at the door, in garden sheds or on terraces

An important point of light is overhead lighting, which is mounted in the development of the sidewalk or garage entrance. Such garden lighting allows you to safely use the road to the house, as well as the light at the stairs or balcony doors

Regardless of the type of lighting in the garden, all light-giving elements must take into account their functionality in a given outdoor area. After all, some are exposed to rain, snow, high and low temperatures, while others are sheltered by a canopy. Any solar decorative lighting should be retracted for the winter period if possible. Such light is mainly a decorative element of the green area, so for practical reasons you can easily do without it

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