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Can you connect your phone to your TV?

Destini Fry
Can you connect your phone to your TV?

One of the features of smart TVs is the ability to transfer images and view videos from your phone to your TV. See how to do it.

With a smart TV and smart phone we have the possibility to share all the media on the phone straight to the TV screen. Additionally, with special apps, we can turn our smartphone into a universal remote control for the TV. Here are a few ways how to do it.

How to connect your phone and TV?

To connect your phone to the TV we have several options – wireless and via cable.

Wireless connection via WiFi – Miracast

One of the easiest ways to connect your smartphone to your TV is to use WiFi. However, it is possible in newer models of TVs, equipped with Miracast technology, which allows you to transfer the image and sound directly to the TV screen. To make such a connection we need to activate WiFi on the phone and the TV and activate the Screen Transfer option on the smartphone. Miracast also allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your TV.

Wireless connection – Chromecast / Google Cast

When using this option, the phone does not connect to the TV via WiFi, but each device must be connected to the same WiFi network via a router. Chromecast does not display everything on the smartphone, but streams media from a specific app. Not all TVs come standard with equipment for this type of connection.

Wired connection

If our TV does not have WiFi, an option available with all models of LCD TVs is to connect the phone via HDMI cable. Every smartphone produced nowadays has a Micro-USB connector that will make it possible to connect it to the TV set via a cable

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