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Decorative styrofoam eggs – how to decorate?

Destini Fry
Decorative styrofoam eggs – how to decorate?

Wondering how to decorate styrofoam eggs for Easter? Here is some inspiration!

One of the eye-pleasing Easter decorations can be effectively decorated styrofoam eggs. Here are some interesting ideas for egg decorations.

1. Easter egg with feathers

Easter egg in feathers, decorated with pearls looks beautiful and is not difficult to make. The elements needed are

  • feathers,
  • plastic beads,
  • acrylic paint,
  • brush,
  • hot glue.

First, paint the egg with a color similar to the color of the feathers. Once the paint is dry, we get down to gluing the feathers and then the plastic beads.

2. String Easter eggs

Another idea for an original Easter decoration is string eggs. To make them you need:

  • cotton string,
  • lace ribbon,
  • decorative fabric flowers,
  • hot glue.

Wrap the string around the egg, then glue the ribbon and add the flowers.

3. Easter glamour eggs

An effective Easter decoration will be glittering glamour eggs. To make them you will need:

  • sequins,
  • plastic beads,
  • loose glitter,
  • magic glue,
  • a skewer stick,
  • acrylic paints.

Styrofoam eggs, which we plan to decorate with glitter, we put on a stick to skewer, spread glue, and then thickly sprinkle glitter. Paint the sequin and pearl eggs first with paint in the colors of your choice, and after it dries, glue on the sequins and pearls.

4. Christmas Pumpkin Eggs

Another interesting idea for decorating styrofoam eggs is to cover them with colorful pompoms. This is probably the simplest of the proposed decorations, for which you will only need pompoms and magic glue. Grease the eggs with glue and then attach the pompoms.

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