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Concrete fencing – advantages and disadvantages

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Concrete fencing – advantages and disadvantages

Concrete is a multifunctional material, often used for fencing as well. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a concrete fence? – You will find out in this article.

In the past, concrete fences were associated with a rather unsightly gray string of slabs. Currently, however, new processing technologies make it possible to create a concrete slab, which looks like a stone slab. Aesthetic issues, therefore, no longer need to worry us when choosing a concrete fence. See what other advantages and disadvantages have concrete fencing.

Concrete fencing – advantages

The concrete is first of all durable material, resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical factors, which could damage other types of material.

The fence made of concrete does not require impregnation or maintenance as in case of wooden fences. Cleaning of concrete is also not demanding. Rarely concrete fences need repair or renovation. So it is a very practical solution.

Ready-made concrete panels are very easy to install. They are characterized by uncomplicated construction and at the same time it is possible to match them to the given property – the concrete fence can be painted in any color

Such fencing will also act as an acoustic barrier – which is a particularly appreciated property of concrete in case of houses located near a busy street. Concrete fencing is also a solution that will provide us with privacy – the concrete slab will completely shield us from the neighbors and the street.

Concrete fencing is also a cost effective solution.

Concrete fencing – disadvantages

Moving on to the disadvantages of concrete fences, we have to come back to the issue of aesthetics – although new technologies make it possible to profile a concrete slab so that it looks like a stone slab, the difference is visible. Even the best made concrete slab does not have the same aesthetic qualities as a stone slab

Fence made of concrete will not look as impressive as a stone or wooden one. So if when choosing a fence an important issue for us is its aesthetics, then the concrete slab may not meet our expectations.

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