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Countertop for the kitchen – what material should it be made of?

Destini Fry
Countertop for the kitchen – what material should it be made of?

Kitchen countertop is the most intensively used place in the room, so it should be not only aesthetic, but also durable. What material for kitchen countertop is worth choosing? What manufacturers offer?

Wooden kitchen worktop

A popular solution, which is decided by many lovers of natural materials, is a countertop made of wood. It presents itself beautifully both in the kitchen decorated in a rustic, classic and industrial style, warming the interior

The most valued and durable are oak countertops (a cheaper alternative may be beech wood). Despite many advantages and undeniable beauty, wooden countertops require regular impregnation. It is also worth mentioning that wood is not very resistant to water, high temperatures (you should not put hot dishes on this type of countertop) and over time it can deform.

Kitchen worktop made of laminated board

People who are looking for more economical solutions can choose a countertop made of laminated board. Although it is not as impressive as a countertop made of real wood, but it can deceptively resemble its natural variant and, most importantly, it is not expensive.

Another advantage of laminate is its high durability and resistance to mechanical damage, moisture or high temperatures. It is an ideal option also when we finish the kitchen in a rental apartment and we do not want to invest large amounts of money, while expecting durability and longevity from the countertop

Stone kitchen worktop

Stone countertop is one of the most expensive options, intended for customers with a more affluent wallet. This type of material is extremely elegant, tasteful and durable.

What kind of natural stone is best for a countertop? Definitely granite, which belongs to the hardest stones. It is non-flammable, resistant to scratches, moisture, abrasion, high temperatures – it can easily survive in perfect condition even for several decades. The only disadvantage of granite countertop, in addition to a significant weight, is the price. In case of this exclusive material we will pay from 600 to 2000 zlotys per square meter

A less frequently chosen alternative to the granite countertop is marble and travertine, but these stones require careful impregnation and are not as durable, although undoubtedly visually attractive.

Lapitec kitchen countertop

Lapitec is a material that has been on the market for a short time – it is a certified synthetic stone, sintered at 1200 degrees Celsius. It shows high resistance to acids, stains, scratches, impacts, UV rays, high temperature. Lapitec countertop is easy to keep clean and waterproof. Price per square meter of this material is from 1000 zł upwards.

Kitchen countertop from quartz conglomerate

The last proposed solution for countertop in the kitchen is quartz conglomerate, which is a mixture of ground stone and epoxy resin. Interestingly, a conglomerate countertop is similar in price to a pure natural stone countertop. But for good reason – it exhibits high aesthetic and functional qualities, is also easier to work with and lighter than stone.

What are the weaknesses of conglomerate? The downside is the limited color palette and the possibility of scratches.

With our advice, you will easily choose the ideal countertop for the kitchen, which will not overburden your household budget and perfectly fulfills its role.

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