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How to choose the type and size of roller blinds for the window?

Destini Fry
How to choose the type and size of roller blinds for the window?

To be able to use roller blinds comfortably you need to match their type and size to your window – how do you do it? Here is a practical guide for all those who are planning to buy new window roller blinds!

Types of roller blinds – which window protection to choose?

Manufacturers offer us a wide range of external and internal roller blinds at different price levels. When it comes to roller blinds for rooms in the house, it is worth taking into account both aesthetic and practical considerations

The roller blind should match the interior design – harmonize with it and at the same time be comfortable to use. It is necessary to consider which installation method suits us best (invasive, non-invasive) and take into account the insolation of the windows. For example, if the windows are on the north side of the house, a better choice will be light blinds, while in the case of southern orientation we can invest in a dark variant, thanks to which the room will not heat up too much in the hottest weather.

Exterior roller blinds – selection tips

External blinds by type are divided into:

  • flush mounted,
  • on-window,
  • facade,
  • overlapping,
  • lintel.

When buying them we need to consider not only the type, but also the control method (manual, automatic), the durability of the materials used in their production (external roller blinds must be resistant to adverse weather conditions). On the market you will find aluminum roller blinds, steel, PVC, wood. It is worth to consider well which material suits us.

How to properly measure the window for free-hanging roller blinds?

What is the best tool for taking the measurements? A classic, metal measuring tape. It is advisable to measure the window twice to make sure it is correct.

If you want to buy free hanging roller blinds (their roller is usually installed above the window) first measure the width of the window recess and add 2-3 cm to the measurement. In this way we can be sure that the roller blind covers the whole window.

If we want to measure the height of the roller blind, we have to put the measuring tape to the place where the roller blind is to be installed, all the way to the end of the window sill or to the floor (the place where the window ends). Remember that you have to buy a longer roller blind than the measurement indicates. The blind cannot be too short as it will not fulfil its function in 100%.

Window measurement for roller blinds in the cassette

Roller-shutters in a cassette are usually installed on the window and the fabric of the cover moves along the guides attached to it. Therefore, properly performed measurement is of fundamental importance in this case. How to measure the window for the cassette roller blinds depends on the type of the guides – therefore it is best to talk to the seller in the store or read carefully the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

In order to take measurements in this case, measure the distance from the fold of one glazing bead to a parallel point on the other side (this rule applies both to width and height measurement)

Window measurement for external blinds

In case of external roller shutters, the most reasonable solution is to entrust the measurement and installation to specialized professionals, as this type of installation work has its own specific requirements. Due to the fairly high cost of error, it is better to outsource the measurement to experts.

We hope that thanks to our advice, choosing the perfect window covering will be easy and fast, just like the installation of a roller shutter inside or outside the house.

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