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DDD – what it is and when it is advisable

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Destini Fry
DDD – what it is and when it is advisable

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DDD, or disinfection, disinfestation and extermination. Do you know what these terms mean? Regardless of whether you keep your home tidy, you may be facing the need to get rid of rodents, insects, and bacteria and viruses

When is it advisable?

It’s essential when the daily functioning of your home is hampered (or even made impossible) by the presence of bacteria, insects or rodents. It is also useful in situations when the premises were previously occupied by people carrying infectious diseases. When it comes to uninvited guests in the form of cockroaches, wasps, hornets, rodents or viruses and bacteria, we first reach for home remedies – and this is a big mistake. It is not worth underestimating this issue, because living in such conditions can endanger the health of the household members. A DDD company should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you are looking for a solution to this problem. But what exactly is behind the mysterious acronym DDD?

Firstly, disinfection

If you want to be 100% sure that all harmful micro-organisms and their spores are destroyed, the answer is DDD disinfection. Although there are many different methods, the most common are steam, radiation and ozone. It is worth stopping at the last solution

Ozone is able to disinfect even hard to reach places, because it can penetrate many materials, such as fabrics and even plaster! Another plus of ozonation is that you will get rid of unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke and mold in the process. You have to remember that the presence of a microorganism is a huge threat to all the people and animals in your home. It is not worth delaying in getting rid of harmful microorganisms, much less doing it on your own. Seeking help from professionals is a guarantee that the presence of microorganisms will drop to a safe level for health.

Second: disinfection

Although disinfection and disinfestation sound very similar, they do not mean the same thing. Disinsecting means getting rid of all kinds of insects from your home. Whether it’s cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas or ants, pest control companies can easily handle it. Remember not to try to remove the insects on your own! It may turn out that you will only make the situation worse. Insects will not be eliminated, but they will become resistant to the substance, making it more difficult for professionals to remove them effectively. A DDD company will figure out the problem and assess which way to combat the threat will be most effective. When it comes to pest control, it really is a good idea to act as soon as possible instead of waiting until the problem becomes so huge that it hinders your daily life. The presence of cockroaches or bed bugs significantly affects the quality of life, so it is worth hiring professionals instead of struggling with insects

Thirdly: rodent control

The presence of rodents in the house can be particularly troublesome. More often than not, you will notice the damage they leave behind. Bitten cables, damaged pipes, gaps in the pantry, droppings – this is the daily bread for anyone who has had an uninvited guest in the house

There are two ways to combat rodents:

  • non-chemical – namely the use of rodent traps and ultrasonic machines;
  • chemical – using pesticides, usually rodenticides.

If you notice the first signs of rodents, seek help from a DDD company. Professionals will carry out the process of getting rid of pests from beginning to end, and you will no longer have to worry about bitten objects and disappearing food.

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