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Hood over a kitchen island – which will be the best?

Destini Fry
Hood over a kitchen island – which will be the best?

The kitchen island is a frequently used element in modern kitchen designs. No wonder – it’s a functional and practical object that looks very impressive. Wondering which hood will be the best over the kitchen island? We suggest.

Particularly in spacious kitchens, the island is becoming increasingly popular. It’s an aesthetic and functional solution. The centrally placed island can house a sink, a dining area or a cooktop. In the case of the latter option, we also need to think about an appropriate hood, which will work over the island in the kitchen. What should we look for when choosing a hood?

What should I look for when choosing a hood for an island?

A cooker hood is an important piece of kitchen equipment, especially in an open kitchen. Cooking smells, steam and grease are not a problem in an apartment with a good extractor hood. In the case of a kitchen with an island, we should choose the right model to efficiently perform its function

How to size a cooker hood over an island

To effectively absorb odors and grease, the hood should not be narrower than the cooktop. It is recommended to choose a hood that is 10 cm wider than the induction hob or gas stove. Cylindrical hoods do not need to worry about the size – these models are equipped with a slotted extraction system.

Mounting height for a hood over a kitchen island

As for the height at which the cooker hood should be mounted, we should choose it first of all according to the height of the users, so that the hood does not interfere with cooking. However, the most commonly recommended height for a cooker hood is 65-70cm from the cooktop.

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Island hood performance

When choosing an island hood, it’s important to look at its efficiency – the amount of air that can be filtered in one hour. This is an important characteristic of any hood, especially one that will be placed over an island that connects the kitchen with the living room. The efficiency of a hood is calculated depending on the kitchen area. In the case of an open kitchen, we also take into account the room with which the kitchen is connected

Island hood noise level

An important feature of any kitchen hood, especially an open kitchen, is the noise it makes. This is an aspect that people tend to overlook when choosing a hood, but it does make a big difference to the comfort of use. A hood that is too loud will prevent conversations with family members and guests and can cause a lot of discomfort.

Island hoods – installation and housing

Island hoods are mounted to the ceiling, leading to a chimney for ventilation. It is therefore advisable to also consider the possibility of concealing the ductwork. A popular solution for this purpose is to make a false ceiling, which allows for an aesthetically pleasing finish of the hood installation place

Island hoods cannot be built into a cabinet, as is often the case in standard kitchens. That’s why island hoods are designed in such a way that their own casing looks aesthetically pleasing, and even constitutes a decorative element in itself. When choosing a hood over a kitchen island, we have a lot of options when it comes to their design. It is best to choose it so that it is a coherent composition with the design of the kitchen.

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