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How to choose a wall color for a dark floor?

Destini Fry
How to choose a wall color for a dark floor?

If you are wondering if light-colored walls are the only option for a dark floor, we answer that definitely not! Check out what wall color will suit a room with a dark floor.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dark floor

A dark floor in an apartment is timeless. It is a classic at its best. With properly selected accessories, dark floors give the room a feeling of coziness, but also elegance. As the main disadvantage of dark flooring is most often mentioned the difficulty of keeping it clean. Dust and other impurities are strongly visible on dark wood. It is also worth remembering that a dark floor can visually reduce the room, so it is better to give it up if you have a small area. 

What goes with a dark floor?

If you are worried that a dark floor will be troublesome in terms of room design, we reassure you – this is not the case. Dark floor goes very nicely with furniture and accessories with geometric shapes. If you want a wow effect, then bet on furniture and accessories made of metal, glass or stone, which will look beautiful against the dark floor.

What wall colors go with a dark floor?

The wall color for a dark floor is key. Remember not to paint the walls white in a room with a dark floor. Such a color combination is too much contrast, which usually does not look good. Of course, with properly selected furniture and accessories, it is possible to create an interesting arrangement with a dark floor and a white wall, but it is strongly troublesome.

So what wall color to choose for a dark floor? We suggest!

Dark floor, dark walls and light ceiling – a combination ideal for those who like strong colors in interior design. Dark floors accompanied by dark walls contrast beautifully with a light ceiling. This combination adds intimacy and a bit of extravagance to the interior. For a dark floor and dark walls, it is best to choose furniture in light colors. Remember, however, that dark floor and dark walls will not look good in small rooms, which will further visually reduce them.

Light-colored walls and a light-colored ceiling are probably the most popular choice for dark floors. Such a color combination does not optically diminish the room. You can paint all the walls the same color, so you will get a calm arrangement. Furniture and accessories in more definite colors will go well with this combination. It will be a great idea to place a few trinkets or accessories (such as pillows) in the room in the same color as the floor.

Dark floor, light walls and dark ceiling is not a very popular color combination, but definitely worth considering. It will look great in rooms decorated in a modern style. Dark floor and ceiling against light walls look good in high rooms, which often seem a bit harsh, industrial. This color combination will give the room a feeling of coziness and even a slightly mysterious atmosphere. Don’t be afraid that dark floors and a dark ceiling will optically diminish the room – light-colored walls usually offset this undesirable effect.

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