Shelves on the wall – what to do to make them effective?

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When there is an empty wall to decorate, the first idea that pops into your head is to mount shelves on it. On one hand, it is a practical solution, but it is also worth that they make a visual impression, and are not just dust collectors. Check out the inspirations!

Shelves in many versions

Actually, a lot depends on the style in which you have designed the whole interior. Then it is worth matching shelves to the arrangement. For example, in Scandinavian style simple, wooden and narrow shelves, which have slanted edges, will be perfect. On them you can put books, vases with flowers or other decorations.

If you are a fan of minimalism, find such shelves for the wall, which do not have visible fixings.

In spacious living rooms long shelves arranged in one line will work well. They can connect two or even more walls, creating one coherent whole.

A great idea in a children’s room or living room is to mount a wooden shelf in the form of a tree. There will fit for example books.

Modular shelves – the way to an empty wall

If you have the whole wall available, look for modular shelves, for example in the form of hexagons. There you can put designer decorations and at the same time you will gain storage space.

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