Which wall should be painted a darker color?

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Have you ever considered painting your walls in dark colors? This stylish solution, if done thoughtfully, has many advantages. Find out what!

What are the advantages of dark walls?

Dark walls are a much debated topic. Some believe that such colors are overwhelming and take away the coziness of the space. These are common myths. While black interiors can indeed introduce a gloomy mood, the balance of dark and light accents will make the decor of our apartment sophisticated and elegant.

A dark wall will be the perfect background for bright furniture, original accessories, will highlight unusual architectural solutions, and in addition will give the impression of depth. For a luxurious and elegant finish, it is worth betting on a satin finish.

Which wall to paint dark?

The most important factors to take into account are the size and shape of the room, as well as the level of insolation. If we do not want to overwhelm the room optically, the best idea is to paint the wall perpendicular to the window. Thanks to that, natural light coming from the side will add depth to the interior. A wall painted dark with a light fitting, for example illuminated recesses, will look favourably.

Definitely do not paint two longer, opposite walls, because this will resemble the effect of a dark, gloomy corridor.

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