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Why are Prints & Drawing Auctions Essential for Serious Art Collectors?

Destini Fry
Why are Prints & Drawing Auctions Essential for Serious Art Collectors?

Whether you’re starting your art collection or already have several pieces in your possession, it’s always good to know the latest methods and tools of the trade. One of the best ways to do this is by buying prints and drawings from auction houses, whether online or live. In fact, auctions are one of the best ways to find original works from some of the most beloved artists out there today and can help you build your collection into something truly remarkable.

What is an Art Auction?

An art auction is an event where a number of items, such as paintings, sculptures, and prints, are sold to the highest bidder. Art auctions can be live or silent auctions and typically take place in galleries or public spaces. The event is usually presided over by an auctioneer who will guide the bidding process. Some pieces can go for tens of millions of dollars!

There are a number of different kinds of art auctions, some of which focus on specific categories or types of items. For example, there might be auctions only devoted to paintings or other forms of artwork. Other auctions may focus on a specific category, such as drawings and prints. Some auctions cover all categories of art and collectibles; these types tend to be very popular as there is a lot more up for sale in one place at once. No matter what type of auction you attend, it’s important to know how bidding works so you can make sure you get a piece you like! 

How Does an Art Auction Work?

Auctions work by setting a time, date, and location. The auctioneer takes bids from the audience and tries to get the best price possible. Usually, this involves giving buyers a round of bidding with an increment in price after each bid. Art auctions can be live or online, but there is always an appraiser on hand to verify the authenticity of the art piece in question before bidding starts.

Once you’ve established a reputable art auction, it will become easier to sell your art pieces. It’s important to remember that, although you may be accustomed to having to market your work yourself on social media and elsewhere, at an auction gallery, all of that will be taken care of for you. This can open up many new avenues for exposure and business opportunities.

If auctions aren’t usually your cup of tea but you still love art just as much, check out online auctions instead! These online venues allow serious collectors from all over the world a chance to acquire rare and valuable works at prices they can afford.

Why are Prints & Drawing Auctions Essential for Serious Art Collectors?

Prints and drawing auctions are an essential part of any serious art collector’s collection. They have a number of benefits for collectors, including the ability to purchase artworks from a trusted source at below-market prices, the opportunity to meet with fellow collectors, and more. Prints and drawing auctions are especially beneficial for those who do not live in an area where there are many galleries or auction houses. These events provide them with the chance to get involved in this world without having to travel too far away from home.

The first benefit that print and drawing auctions offer serious art collectors is access to art at below-market prices. At auction houses, the artwork is often sold on consignment from galleries and artists. If a piece doesn’t sell in an allotted time period, it may be sold at auction by those who hold it in storage or were going to try to resell it through other means later. For example, an artist may be represented by an agent and their paintings may hang in local galleries. However, if one of those pieces sells through these channels before it’s paid off by a collector, then sometimes works like prints or drawings are offered up at auction.


Auction houses offer a variety of items, including paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs. The auction houses we work with have diverse offerings and it is worthwhile to explore them all. For example, if you want to buy a print but don’t want the hassle of selling it yourself on the secondary market, you can find many different options through our galleries. For those who are interested in buying and selling original artwork at auction, there’s no better way to do it than to have an experienced auction house help you every step of the way!

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