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Spring flowers in your living room – which ones to choose?

Destini Fry
Spring flowers in your living room – which ones to choose?

Spring has already arrived to us for good… But how to invite it to the living room? By choosing the right flowers and accessories. Only thanks to them we will obtain warm character, charm and delicacy, and our living room will be filled with wonderful smell of spring.

Cut flowers

This is a perfect option when we have a garden or an allotment. Fresh flowers smell great, look fantastic and nothing can replace their charm in our living room! That’s why the whole house, not only one room, can’t lack vases (maybe additionally decorated with interesting floral motifs?) filled with them. The latest fashion trend are vases made of colored glass (especially turquoise ones).

What kind of flowers for vases?

If we want to emphasize elegance of the décor in our living room, it’s worth choosing white flowers, e.g. lily of the valley. Also tulips, narcissuses and daffodils will be perfect, as well as recently omitted irises and classic lilac

They will look great on the coffee table, also as a delicate accent, not the real bouquet. It is worth choosing seasonal flowers to emphasize the season entering our home. If we can’t afford fresh flowers, green leaves, e.g. eucalyptus, and grasses can appear in vases instead.

Sophisticated arrangement or casual style?

Even seemingly carelessly arranged flowers will work well in elegant vases. If our living room does not already have thousands of colors in it, we can enrich it with spring bouquets consisting of different species, such as lilac, daffodil and lily of the valley. What will be the final appearance of these small works of art – it depends entirely on our concept

Remember that for flowers with long stems choose high vases, for shorter or trimmed – the smaller ones, otherwise the flowers will not present themselves properly, they may bend or even fall out of the container. An interesting idea is also to arrange smaller vases around each other, e.g. with single flowers or species.

Botanical motifs

If we don’t have a hand for plants, constantly forgetting to water them and for some individual reasons we don’t like cut flowers either, it may turn out that the best option for us will be simply plant motives on different textures, e.g. paintings

Greenery can be emphasized as a color accent by matching it with pillows or curtains in floral motifs. However it is important not to overdo with this spring in our home, let us use botanical motifs only as accents.

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Potted plants

For years orchids have been the most popular potted plants that fit perfectly into any season. Moreover, their characteristic appearance can bring a touch of real elegance to any interior. Large plants placed on the floor (e.g. ficus) will add a warm character so that they do not linger on tables, shelves or windowsills. Ferns will also work well in this role.

Stylish arrangement

The above-mentioned additions will compose beautifully if we use them together. Choose daffodils for a vase to accent the yellow accessories in your living room. Large-leafed potted plants or curtains or paintings with similar motifs will complement a room in green tones brilliantly. Don’t forget about table decorations.

Let them be artificial

People who suffer from allergies may simply buy artificial flowers. They may have a bad connotation, but nowadays on the market we can find many such decorations made of high quality materials, which nicely imitate live ones and definitely are not associated with kitsch

A good alternative are also bouquets composed of dry flowers. Both options do not need to be watered, which will be perfect also for people who notoriously forget about it.

Spring flowers

In the spring everything wakes up from the winter lethargy. Our living room can also rise and fill up with colors and delicate fragrances. All it takes is a few accents: in the form of cut flowers, motifs on curtains or cushions and potted plants. In fact, the suggestions for a trendy and striking spring living room are endless. All concepts can be combined with each other or choose only those that suit us.

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