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DIY: Pendant lamps made of bottles. They make an impression!

Destini Fry
DIY: Pendant lamps made of bottles. They make an impression!

If you care about recycling and nature is important to you, you will certainly be interested in pendant lamps made from bottles. They look awesome and are very eco-friendly!

Why make pendant lamps out of bottles?

Creating your own pendant lamp from bottles is an extremely impressive and original interior design solution. We can create it at a really low cost. Since we have purchased and drank a variety of liquors, we will no longer need bottles. Instead of throwing them away, we can create something unique out of them. Although we could make standing lamps with lampshades out of them, it will be much more interesting to make a beautiful chandelier out of them

Main trends in home decor and chandelier made of bottles

Currently, interior design trends are based on recycling. By giving a second life to used objects we protect our planet. To make a lamp from bottles, we can use wine, whiskey, beer and other alcohol bottles

Whisky bottle lamp

To make a lamp from whisky bottles you will need bottles with the bottom cut off so you can screw in a light bulb. It gives an amazing effect. All this is due to the interesting and unusual shape of whisky bottles. Moreover, if we want to increase the atmosphere, we can leave the label of an expensive and tasteful liquor on the bottle. To illuminate e.g. a kitchen countertop, it is worth to use a few bottles, which will be hung in a small distance one from another, thus creating a beautiful row of lights.

Lamp from different types of bottles – what will we need?

Of course, whiskey bottles are not the only ones that we can use when creating lamps from bottles. Their place can successfully replace the bottles of wine, beer or other liquors. It all depends on what shape and color of glass we are interested in. For that, you will need a piece of wood under which you can hide the wires. Apart from the mentioned wires, you will need

  • a drill,
  • pliers,
  • cooking oil,
  • insulating tape,
  • fine-grain sandpaper,
  • funnel resistant to high temperatures.

How to prepare the bottles step by step?

The first step, which is also the most difficult, is to prepare the bottles. It consists in cutting off their bottoms. How to do it?

  1. Thoroughly wash the bottles and peel off their labels (it is best to use warm water and dishwashing liquid).
  2. While the bottles are drying, heat a cup of cooking oil in an old pot. We also prepare ice water (we can also add ice cubes to it).
  3. When the oil starts to smoke slightly, we can use a heat-resistant funnel (absolutely no plastic!) to pour the oil into the bottle. The oil should flow not down the sides of the bottle but to the bottom. The oil should reach the level at which we want to make our cut.
  4. Immediately after pouring the oil into the bottle, put it vigorously into the ice-cold water. Almost immediately, we should hear a snap, and the bottom of the bottle should fall off. The key is to make sure the oil is hot and the water is ice cold.
  5. If the cut is fairly even or slightly jagged then just sand the bottle with sandpaper.

How to create a bottle chandelier with your own hands?

After preparing the bottles, we need to create a base for the chandelier. In the ceiling, we drill holes at equal distances, through which we pass the wires. The holes should take the shape of an equilateral triangle. In the middle we screw in a hook, on which the chandelier will hang. Prepare three separate pieces of two-core cable with a length of 50 cm and mount to each of them bulb holders. Of course, the electrical installation should be carried out by a professional. Finally, all you need to do is put the wires through the bottle inlets and the holes in the base. After adjusting the height, use an upholstery stapler to block the wires at the bottle outlet.

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