Art deco walls – unique and timeless

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Art déco has been an increasingly popular style in interiors for several years. This unique trend was born in the twenties in France. Richly decorated walls are particularly impressive in Art Déco rooms. Here are some examples of extraordinary arrangements.

Art déco style is characterized by decorative motifs, intricate patterns, attention to detail, references to geometry and the presence of precious gold color. The wall designed in this way can become a decoration in itself. The market offers a wide selection of wallpapers, with which we will be able to create a unique arrangement in the art déco style

Many of the most interesting art déco arrangements are based on dark, deep colors. Using them as a background contrasts perfectly with the glossy patterns and ornaments, and allows you to fully exploit the unique potential of this unique style

Dark wallpaper decorated in the spirit of art déco will perfectly compose with retro-style furniture. In such arrangements you can achieve a sensational effect by combining furniture and wallpaper with a selected color.

Intricate patterns on the walls harmonize perfectly with subdued furniture in colors referring to the selected decorative element of the wall. The whole can be successfully decorated with gold details.

Wallpapers in art déco style can also be found in light versions and with a slightly more modern character. At the same time decorative motifs, geometric or plant elements are preserved, giving the arrangement a unique atmosphere.

The art déco style interior can also be arranged in a modern version, choosing wallpapers with a minimalistic character and ornaments focused on geometry. Such a basis in the room will create a unique atmosphere of art déco, and thus allow for a more modern arrangement.

Main Photo: Solstice Hannan/unsplash.com

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