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Garden party – what will be useful for preparing dishes?

In the garden
Destini Fry
Garden party – what will be useful for preparing dishes?

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The spring-summer period is ideal for outdoor barbecues and gatherings with friends. However, it is worth preparing for a party in the garden. What will you need to prepare dishes? On what to serve them? We suggest what to equip yourself with before inviting friends.

Great garden party – what do you need?

One of the ideas for a garden party is a barbecue. It’s quite a popular way to spend your free time and prepare dishes quickly. What can you cook? The most popular are of course sausages, marinated meat, including bacon or pork neck. You can also think about something more colorful and serve grilled vegetables, potatoes, or even salmon. You may want to use a cast iron grill plate, which is different from a traditional grill. It has a smooth surface and keeps your dishes from getting overcooked.

Whether you have a disposable grill or a brick model, you are sure to prepare delicious meals for friends and the whole family. You’ll need plates for serving, of course, and you can serve grilled food on special platters, serving platters, or traditional plates. Tableware should be easy to clean afterwards, so it is better to resign from decorative ceramics or expensive plates. If you want, you can bet on disposable dishes.

Dishes for serving during a garden party

A garden party is not only about the barbecue but also about ready-made hot dishes and snacks. You can serve them on decorative boards and in salads. If you’re preparing oven dishes, bake them in heatproof dishes right away and then display them on special placemats. Special cutlery is necessary for any meal that you have to put on your own. Salads are good to put in a large bowl, and to serve two decorative spoons. Also remember that outdoors some foods dry out quickly, among them are bread and cheese. It is worth thinking about such dishes that could further protect them

Serving cake? Put it on such a platter, which you can later cover with a mosquito net and protect it from insects and bugs. Remember also about decorations, that is fresh flowers, colorful straws and a tablecloth. And don’t forget napkins to match the whole table styling

Don’t forget the drinks!

A garden party is not only about delicious food, but also drinks. There’s no denying that the popular drinks at barbecues are those that have alcohol, but it’s also a good idea to put plain water, lemonade, juice, or iced tea on the table. When the temperature is high, proper hydration is a must

If you often organize a party in the garden, bet on a brewer.It is a special vessel that gives you a lot of possibilities, for example storing hot water for preparing tea, coffee or infusion. It is a big plus because you do not have to prepare fresh drinks for your family and friends every now and then. You pour the water one at a time and the guest can make their own drink when they want it.

You can also place decorative pitchers of iced tea on the table. Just pour a liter of hot water over 3 teabags beforehand, and then let the drink cool. Add a squeeze of lemon and pour the whole into a decorative pitcher. Lemonade or water with lemon and mint can be served in a traditional glass. Serving a large cup with a straw to each guest is also an interesting idea.

If you want to organize a large garden party, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, you can think about hiring a special company for this. These not only have access to tents, canopies, and chairs, but also special equipment that makes serving and preparing food easier, including bread slicers and bemars.

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