How to decorate a U-shaped kitchen?

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U-shaped kitchen is usually two parallel rows of cabinets, which are connected by a third, perpendicular to them. This arrangement will work well both in smaller and in more spacious interiors. We suggest how to arrange such a kitchen.

The shape of the letter “U” will work well for both rectangular and square rooms. The former are generally narrower, so pay attention to the proper distance between parallel cabinets. This should not be less than 90 cm.

U-shaped cabinets

A very popular procedure in such kitchens is to place the sink under the window. It is worth betting on fashionable glass sinks, which will fit perfectly into most styles. To make the room more ergonomic, place the fridge and stove on the side of the cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, it’s better to forgo rather heavy wall cabinets and instead opt for shelves, rails and organizers. The lower cabinets are already spacious enough to accommodate all your kitchen appliances and dry goods. The lack of upper cabinets will make the kitchen appear lighter.

In large kitchens, it’s worth opting for a kitchen island. It is a very practical and fashionable accent. It can serve as a countertop or a bar. There are various types of islands available on the market, so it is worth choosing one to suit individual needs. A kitchen island with a built-up bottom can be used as a storage space. Some people even decide on a multifunctional island, i.e. one housing a stove or a sink.

In fitting out a “U” kitchen, it is also very important to properly plan storage in corner cabinets. Using the right systems will make these cabinets the most capacious. It is worth betting on slides, carousels and racks, which will serve to segregate plates or lids.

Where to place the table?

A table works well in a large kitchen instead of an island. Round models are more adjustable and will look good especially if accompanied by a low hanging ceiling lamp. In a smaller U-shaped kitchen, the table may be an extension of the cabinets. Then it is worth opting for a smaller square model and two comfortable stools, or for a rectangular table that will accommodate more chairs. In exceptionally intimate interiors, the table can be replaced with a folding top fixed to the wall.

Space open to the living room

U-shaped kitchens are not only closed spaces. They also work well in the case of rooms open to the living room. In such a situation one of the strings of cabinets becomes a bar. From the living room side it is worth to put some hockers by it. In case of such arrangement, it is worth to place a refrigerator at the beginning of one of the sequences of cabinets, then arrange a pantry and a cooking zone, and in the shortest section, perpendicular, install a sink. Then the cabinets on the side of the living room can simultaneously act as a bar and a worktop.

In this case it is worth to bet on built-in wall cabinets, preferably of the simplest form possible, and to cover household appliances with fronts. This will avoid the appearance of chaos and the kitchen will be visually coherent.

Bar under the window

A bar arranged under the window works well in both wide and narrow kitchens. If the room is long and there’s not much space for a table, a bar under the window will be the perfect solution. Giving up hockers with backrests and opting for more classic bar stools, which can easily be hidden under the countertop, the bar can quickly make a practical place to work.

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