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Heating the home – the available variants

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Heating the home – the available variants

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There are quite a few methods of heating your home. However, some are greener and more economical, while others are less so. So learn about the different options available and their pros and cons, and find out how to heat your home to be efficient and cost-effective

You need to choose the type of heating already at the stage of designing your house. This is an important decision and it is also worth remembering that heating is unfortunately one of the most expensive installations in the house. The operating costs associated with it are also high. However, there are many options available on the market. So which one should you choose?

Available types of heating

Here are 6 types of heating that are available on the market. Learn about their advantages and disadvantages and decide which one is most suitable for your home.

Solid fuel heating

Solid fuel heating includes coal, peat and pellets. However, it is one of the most popular heating methods in Poland and also one of the cheapest. Solid fuel heating is used primarily in places without access to the gas network. Unfortunately, coal has a very negative impact on the environment, which is why more and more people talk about giving it up in favour of pellets. The biggest advantages of this solution, apart from low heating costs, include easy access and automatic implementation. Its disadvantages, however, are the need for regular maintenance and high investment costs.

Gas heating

Gas heating is not cheap, but it is appreciated for its convenience. It has many advantages, including maintenance-free operation of the heating system. It is also worth noting that burning natural gas is ecological. In addition, boilers can not only provide heat during the heating season, but also heat water. However, the disadvantages are the high cost of connecting to a gas pipeline and the fact that gas heating is not available everywhere.

Oil heating

Oil heating is a solution that has the advantage of easy operation and no need to clean the boiler. It is also considered to be one of the safest. Unfortunately, it is not an ecological heating method, but it is certainly better for the environment than heating with coal. Additionally, the availability of the fuel is high, but the price is quite high. Remember also that heating oil cannot be used to heat water.

Electric heating

Electric heating is one of the most expensive yet environmentally friendly options. It can work well in small and energy-efficient houses as underfloor heating. It is characterized by high comfort, but such heating will be optimal provided that the house has adequate thermal insulation.

Heat pump

Heat pump heating is a fully ecological and environmentally friendly method which is based on renewable energy sources. This device can draw energy from the ground, water or air. The costs of such heating are the lowest but the investment itself is relatively high. It is also worth remembering that a heat pump is connected with considerable noise. However, it does not emit any exhaust fumes and its system is maintenance-free.

Photovoltaic panels

A method of heating, which is worth deciding on, are undoubtedly photovoltaic panels. They produce electricity from the sun’s rays, which is then converted into alternating current, flowing in household sockets. The energy produced in this way can also be used to heat your home and heat water. This is an extremely ecological solution, not emitting exhaust fumes and noise. However, it is worth remembering that photovoltaics is associated with a considerable investment, and its efficiency in winter decreases.

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