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Wood for the wall – which one to choose?

Destini Fry
Wood for the wall – which one to choose?

Wood is an evergreen in interiors. For years it has reigned supreme in our homes, regardless of changing fashions. You have to admit that wood on the walls or the floor makes a room feel cozy. It does not have to prevail in a room to make it a warm and pleasant place for household members and guests. How to arrange the interior, so that wooden accents add character to it? We give you a hint!

Why choose wood for walls?

Wooden furniture and accessories are constantly in fashion. Wooden cabinets and tables are associated with solid workmanship and durability. While fashion often suggests simpler solutions, pine or oak room furnishings will serve us for years. In turn, wooden accessories are elements of decoration, which will make the interior cozy regardless of prevailing trends

They match well with furniture of different colors or shades. They serve as trays, bowls, and coasters. We like them for their timeless character. So why not introduce this type of solution to a room on a permanent basis? Wood panelling dating back to communist times has long since been replaced by new, much more modern solutions. When we decide to put wood on the wall, interior design gains timelessness, while remaining in fashion. So how can we use it on the walls inside our homes and apartments?

Wood on a wall in the living room

Wood on walls was already a hit a few decades ago. Today, although it is still in fashion, it has nothing in common with the old panels arranged in rows. How interestingly can you arrange pine or beech boards in the living room? Almost every living room has a place intended for a TV in its layout. It is worth arranging this “TV wall” with something more than ordinary paint

This is where wood works perfectly. You can easily combine it with patterned wallpaper or architectural concrete. Do not worry – this solution will fit well in every type of interior, from Scandinavian to loft or boho. Much will depend here, of course, on properly selected shades of color – because there is no universal recipe for interior design with taste. Fortunately, wood in its neutral tones allows us to experiment with colors

Such a wooden accent you can easily make yourself – it’s not difficult. On a painted dark wall (preferably black or graphite), you can glue scantlings several centimetres wide at equal distances. It is worth to impregnate or varnish them beforehand. It will not be time-consuming or expensive undertaking and the effect will surely delight our guests.

Wood for a wall in the bedroom

Bedroom is undoubtedly a room, in which we want to feel good. Do not look for flashy colors in it – a peaceful sleep usually goes hand in hand with a cozy interior. That is why wooden walls in a bedroom work perfectly. So how to arrange them? You can easily make a bed headboard out of it. Flat boards, which can be fixed to the wall with mounting glue, will be useful for that. Like the previously mentioned scantlings, it is advisable to varnish the boards with a selected shade of wood. A bedroom with such an accent will surely gain a warm character.

Wood at home – where else?

Among the trends you can find wood walls in almost every room. Planks recovered from old barns become popular, which in our apartments receive a new life, and their unique appearance, characteristic grain or even holes add to their character. You can put them in the hallway, kitchen or even in the bathroom. Each time, however, it is worth remembering to properly impregnate the wood, which will allow it to avoid damage and stains.

Wood is a material that gives us many possibilities. Depending on how we arrange it, we can make our interiors more modern or give them a retro look. One thing is certain – everyone will find their own recipe for using planks on the walls. All we have to do is to dare.

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