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Modern living room – you can’t miss it

Destini Fry
Modern living room – you can’t miss it

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Decorating a modern living room can be quite a challenge. However, with a bit of will, time and imagination, independent arrangement can bring a lot of satisfaction. We suggest what should be in a modern living room

Modern style is mainly characterized by minimalism and universality. However, it does not mean that it is bland. On the contrary! Modern interiors can have an amazing character. We suggest, what elements should necessarily appear in a modern living room.

Furniture for a modern living room

The main element of any living room is furniture, and in this case it will be modern furniture Poznan is one of the cities that offers a large selection of them. If you want your living room to have a modern character and be comfortable and spacious, then give up large and richly decorated furniture. It is a relic that takes up a lot of space and is extremely impractical. Instead, bet on hanging shelves or low and single furniture. For example, minimalist chests of drawers and simple coffee tables and lounge chairs work well. Such furniture will not overwhelm your interior and will guarantee access to daylight. You also can not forget about the sofa – after all, it is the most important point in the living room. A sofa in a distinctive color will look great, making it an interesting color dominant in your interior. If you plan to assemble the furniture yourself, remember about such elements as a drawer runner.

Walls – what color to choose and how to decorate them?

Thinking about the arrangement of a modern living room, it is worth paying attention to its walls, and especially to their color. Brilliant will be bright colors, which not only fit into the modernistic climate of the interior, but also optically enlarge the space. Therefore, a perfect choice will be white, light beige or delicate shades of gray. If you want the walls in your living room to have, for example, two shades, then remember that it is best to place the lighter one where the window is located and on the wall opposite

Speaking of walls, you also can’t forget about wall decorations. Wall decorations made of brick or decorative stone are extremely popular, but also extremely aesthetic and impressive. They will look great in a typically modern interior. Their irregular texture is eye-catching and beautifully emphasizes the arrangement of the apartment. Such decoration will look best if you place it on one selected wall in your interior. However, if you opt for plain walls in your living room, it is worth decorating them with various framed posters or graphics. Paintings, or more specifically contemporary art, will also look great.


No living room should also lack textiles. First of all, choose a window decoration. In a modern interior, Roman blinds made of minimalist material or simple curtains will work best in this role.

Remember also about a carpet. This soft addition can be placed by the coffee table or next to the sofa. It will introduce a cozy character to the interior. They warm it up, give it softness, and besides, they help to group furniture, such as armchairs and sofa

Although a modern living room should be characterized by a rather minimalist approach to decoration, it cannot lack decorative pillows. They are cozy, soft and will make you much more comfortable, plus they will decorate the sofa beautifully

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