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Is defrosting a No Frost fridge necessary?

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When you visit an appliance store, you’ve surely noticed the “No Frost” signature next to the refrigerators. But what does that mean? Is it really unnecessary to clean out the ice just as the sellers advertise? See how it works out in practice.

What is No Frost?

No Frost reduces the build up of frost and ice on the sides of your fridge and freezer. It keeps the temperature and humidity level constant thanks to circulation. Warm air is removed from inside the fridge and replaced by cooler air that simultaneously dehumidifies the interior.

No Frost in fridge and freezer

Thanks to this system the stored food stays fresh and juicy for longer. Special air circulation makes the temperature evenly distributed and the fridge keeps the same number of degrees at all times. Goods stored in a No Frost freezer will taste better than in a non-No Frost freezer.

Is there really no need to defrost a No Frost fridge?

Depending on the model, this modern system can be present only in the refrigerator, only in the freezer or in both. There are also different types of this solution. A popular solution is the Low Frost mode, which doesn’t mean that frost and ice don’t build up in the fridge, but causes them to form at a slower rate. It can also happen that in some models No Frost is only contained in one compartment. And this is where the problems begin. Carefully read the description of your appliance or the one you plan to buy. Although manufacturers assure that defrosting equipment equipped with this technology is unnecessary, long-term users recommend getting rid of accumulated soot 1-2 times a year. It is also mandatory to wash the refrigerator several times during its operation

How to arrange things in the refrigerator so that food stays fresh longer?

Besides buying a No Frost appliance, there are other things you can do to prolong the life of your food in the fridge. The arrangement of the food on the shelves plays a big role. You absolutely must keep things like dairy products, meat and fish in the fridge. You should also put ready-made products such as sauces, jams and preserves in the fridge after opening. When it comes to fruit, strawberries, raspberries and grapes, for example, can go to a cool place, and of vegetables, peppers and cucumbers. However, there are also those that do not like the cold, to this group belong: tomatoes, potatoes, citrus and exotic fruits. Under the influence of cold they lose their taste and spoil faster, they may even rot.

Top shelf

The temperature at this height is usually about 8 degrees Celsius. These are good conditions for juices, milk, cakes, homemade preserves and open jars

Middle shelves

In the middle section, the temperature fluctuates around 5 degrees Celsius. This is the place for cheese, cold cuts, eggs, butter, yoghurt, cream. Also for containers with cooked food and pots with dinner for the next day.

Lower shelf

This is where it is coolest, about 2 degrees C. You can store fresh meat and fish here. Just remember not to keep raw meat in foil wrapping for more than 24 hours.


The pull-outs at the very bottom of the fridge are for fresh fruit and vegetables. Most of them give off ethylene, a chemical that stimulates ripening. Therefore, in order not to affect the firmness and flavor of other produce in the fridge, they need to reside in a separate compartment

With all of our tips you already know that if you invest in a No Frost fridge, use it correctly, place your food in the right way and, most importantly, shop smartly, you will waste less food in your household. The latest report on food wastage in Poland based on research carried out by Kantar Millward Brown Institute and commissioned by the Federation of Polish Food Banks showed that as many as 42 out of 100 respondents throw food away. Be a sensible consumer and shop smart

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