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Vinegar for weeds in pavers – check it out!

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With the arrival of warmer days, our paving stones are usually attacked by weeds that make the driveways to our homes look neglected. However, stubborn plants can be eradicated in a very simple, ecological and, above all, inexpensive way.

Preparing the solution

To prepare the weed killer, you need vinegar and water. Mix the liquids in a 2:1 ratio, pouring the vinegar into the water (not the other way round!) and pour into a spray bottle.


Use the prepared herbicide on sunny, windless, warm days and the weeds should be dry, so avoid spraying after rain or when there is still morning dew

Remember to spray a small area at first to see if the substance will damage the paving!

There are different weeds, more and less resistant, so to be sure, spray several times, repeating every week. If you live in a dense area, your neighbors may smell the vinegar.

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