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How to take care of the cleanliness of cushions in the garden?

In the garden
Destini Fry
How to take care of the cleanliness of cushions in the garden?

Do you want to buy cushions for your garden furniture, but are worried that keeping them clean is a major hassle? This is not always the case. We suggest how to choose the right model of cushions and how to take care of them.

Cushions for garden furniture – is it worth it?

Spread on garden furniture cushions not only enhance the aesthetic value of the arrangement, but also make sitting on the furniture extremely comfortable and convenient. How to take care of garden cushions to enjoy them for a long time?

What kind of cushions to choose for the garden?

The choice of garden cushions available in stores is huge. It is also often the case that the cushions are a set with furniture. Garden cushions are often added to ready-made furniture sets. However, if you have bought furniture without cushions and have the opportunity to choose them yourself, it is worth following a few rules.

  • Choose cushions that match the shape and size of your furniture.
  • If you have the opportunity, go for pillows that have a filling and a pillowcase. This way, if it gets dirty, you can easily pull off the top material and wash it.
  • Choose a pillow made of good quality material. Ideally, it should be waterproof. In the garden, pillows whose top layer (pillowcase) is made of:
  1. polyester – this is a material with a thick weave, it is slippery to the touch. It is a guarantee of waterproofness. Its additional great advantage is the ease of cleaning dirt;
  2. kodura – this is a PVC fabric that is laminated, and therefore waterproof and very durable;
  3. denim – this is a fabric that is durable and, very importantly, resistant to discoloration. However, it is worth being aware that denier has much less water resistance than kodura or polyester.
  • Pay attention to the filling of the pillow – we strongly recommend choosing those models in which the filling is made of materials that do not absorb water. For example, you can choose pillows with silicone wool or polyurethane foam filling.

Can garden pillows be washed?

Many people wonder if garden pillows are machine washable. Yes, but not all of them, and only the top layer of them – the pillowcase. You should definitely not wash the pillows together with their filling in the washing machine, as there is a risk of spilling the contents of the pillow, for example, during spinning. Even if the seams of the pillow can withstand intensive cleaning in the washing machine, it will be very troublesome to dry the pillow together with its filling. Such a pillow washed in a washing machine will also most likely lose its original shape. If the information on the label of your garden pillowcase indicates that it is acceptable to wash it in a washing machine, you may be tempted to do so, but always follow the manufacturer’s advice and set the water temperature according to its suggestion.

How to keep garden cushions clean?

It is a good idea to hide unused cushions in a garden box, for example. This will greatly prolong their cleanliness and so the cushions will also remain in good condition for a long time. However, if small stains appear on them, it is best to clean them with a locally dampened cloth with a little mild detergent. If the whole cushions need to be refreshed, it’s a good idea to clean them whole with a brush or cloth – but be sure not to soak them whole in water, as it will be difficult to dry them and they may lose their nice shape.

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