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How to decorate a small studio for two?

Destini Fry
How to decorate a small studio for two?

Arranging a studio apartment for a couple can prove to be quite a challenge. You need to take into account the habits and needs of two people. See what you have to pay special attention to

A small apartment may also turn out to be functional and modern. It is enough to apply a few interior design tricks. To make a small studio apartment accommodate your whole world, you need to reduce the number of your things to a minimum. Maybe you should get rid of two out of six sets of bedclothes, coats, which you haven’t worn for two seasons anyway or dishes, which have their glory years long behind them? Take stock of all your belongings and decide what you will need

Don’t break down, a small space has its pluses. You can clean it to a shine in two hours, so you can spend your Saturday relaxing and having fun, not scrubbing a big kitchen. You also don’t have to invest a huge amount of money, since a limited interior won’t accommodate too many expensive antiques. Below you will read about a few proven ways to arrange a minimal apartment

How to arrange a studio apartment – the most important rules

First of all, use the multifunctionality of furniture. Give up a big armchair, bet on openable pouffes. Choose a fold-out sofa, which will serve as a sofa for guests during the day and a bed for sleeping at night. Stores also offer models with additional shelves or drawers on the sides or storage space at the bottom of the sofa. Secondly, as far as storage space is concerned, there is never enough of it. In a small interior everything should have its place. Otherwise, it will quickly become a mess

A capacious closet will be necessary, you may choose a design with sliding doors. Ideally, it will work when the plan of the apartment does not allow you to open the fronts completely. To avoid chaos, buy plenty of boxes and containers – they will make storage easier. Thirdly, the furniture that you will put in a small studio apartment should have simple shapes and light form, so as not to overwhelm the apartment.

How to optically enlarge the space?

Bright colors of walls and furniture will create the impression of spaciousness. You can opt for fashionable pastel shades, pure white, cozy beige or industrial gray. To avoid boredom, add some expressive elements. These can be colorful accessories or a couch in a contrasting color

Bet on a bright floor, too. It is not important whether it will be parquet, panels or tiles. The important thing is that it reflects light and creates the illusion of lightness. On the walls hang mirrors, they help visually enlarge rooms . Don’t bet on a lot of small candles, vases and figurines. Minimalist, modern or Scandinavian style will work best in a studio apartment, because they will not give the effect of clutter

A studio apartment with a separate kitchen or with a kitchenette?

If you have a choice, opt for an apartment with a separate kitchen. This will allow you to better utilize the relaxation area in the room. Maybe your dining table will fit in the kitchen and you will save space in the living room for an additional closet or it will make it easier for you to arrange other furniture in a functional way? But if your cooking space is just one wall or a small corner, there’s a way around that too. An open kitchen arrangement should be consistent with the rest of the room

This is where every centimetre counts. Perhaps a small refrigerator will suffice? That way you’ll be able to put extra storage space above it. Invest in cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. Even if you can’t reach them, you can use a stool to keep things you don’t use every day in the highest spots. Choose shiny cabinet fronts to reflect light and create beautiful illuminations. Be sure to install a cooker hood. The ventilation system will vent the cooking fumes to the outside

Take advantage of the possibilities!

Even if you only have 25-30m2 of floor space available, you have much more space on the walls. Apart from shelves and cabinets, you can hang something more creative (paintings, posters), as well as lamps – instead of standing ones you can choose wall lamps and place them on the wall. If you are a fan of flowers, you can place plants in macrames under the ceiling. If you have a very high apartment, for example in a tenement house, you can build a mezzanine that will serve as a study or a bedroom

We hope that we have given you some suggestions on how to arrange a studio apartment for you and your other half.

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