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How to decorate your home for Easter?

Destini Fry
How to decorate your home for Easter?

Spring holidays are just around the corner, so it’s worth celebrating! How can we decorate our homes and apartments for Easter?

Easter is an event clearly associated with rebirth – for Christian believers it is a holiday commemorating the resurrection of the Savior, but it is also a time when nature awakens to life. The moon is past its first spring full moon, the vernal equinox has passed, so the day is also getting longer.

So why not celebrate Easter with nature? Here are some home and apartment decoration ideas to liven up your interior

All the colors of the rainbow!

Colorful accents throughout the apartment will not let you forget the joyful atmosphere. The best way to introduce them is with flowers, but don’t panic if your potted plants are still barely green on the windowsill – there are alternatives for them.

Easter egg turnabout

Easter eggs and egg shells are decorations that anyone can make at home, and what’s best, you can involve children in their preparation! Eggs can be colored with special dyes or their natural equivalents:

  • turmeric (or scales from a regular onion) and sweet paprika will perfectly dye eggs gold and red,
  • blueberry or lingonberry juice will give us delicate purples and blues.

Eggs and egg shells can also be hand-painted, covered with paper, wrapped in crochet wrappers (much more eco-friendly than the disposable plastic wrappers sold in stores, and reusable!), made in decoupage style, or decorated with colored dots of melted candle crayons. Note that the last decoration method requires working with an open flame, so children absolutely must do it under adult supervision.

Easter eggs by themselves are already a charming decoration that can be left on tables and windowsills between dishes and pots, but they can also be used as elements of other decorations.

Crepe flowers

If it is not yet time for our live plants, blooming flowers can be made from the most ordinary colored crepe paper

We will need:

  • two rectangles of crepe, one at least 16 cm × 3 cm, the other half as long, in a lighter color,
  • a sticky tape,
  • scissors.
  1. The shorter piece of crepe roll up so that it forms a roll. This will be the center of our flower.
  2. Fold the longer piece in half, then at about half-centimeter intervals from each other cut with scissors to a depth of about two centimeters. The more tightly we make the incisions, the thinner and denser will be our “petals”. Under no circumstances should you cut crepe to the end.
  3. On the unfolded strip of crepe we put a roll – the center. We begin to roll crepe, closing him in the middle
  4. After rolling, gently bend the cut strips of crepe on the outside, so that they formed our “petals”. Fix the whole with a tape. Flower is ready!

Such flowers can be stuck on green wires or toothpicks wrapped in tissue paper, you can also, like the previous Easter eggs, use them for other Christmas decorations

Pendants, centerpieces, nests…

Garland made of egg shells

To create the right mood it is necessary to decorate the windows. You can do this by hanging a simple garland, prepared from previously made egg shells, pieces of toothpick, string and a fairly straight branch.

  1. Break the toothpick into about a centimetre pieces.
  2. Attach them to both sides of the string of different lengths
  3. Now choose your favorite shell. Insert a piece of toothpick vertically and then rotate it so that it locks against the edge of the hole.
  4. Join several shells together in this way, and tie the loose end of the string of the tallest shell to a straight stick
  5. Create three to six strings of the shells, and attach them in the same way.
  6. Hang the pole with the shells on the window.

Alternate the strings with colored ribbons and crepe paper flower garlands. You can also attach a single strand of egg shells of different lengths to a bunting pole.

Bouquet of basil

If you can get hold of fresh basil branches (cut, not plucked!), this is a very graceful way to decorate your table.

Place the basil branches in a tall glass or colored vase. For the hardiest of basil tips, you can attach a colored blowpipe to the tops. To add a splash of color, place crepe flowers on toothpicks in the vase but above the water level.

Basil leaves will also look great in a vase along with budding fruit tree branches.

Colorful nest

If you have access to fairly flexible twigs, you can braid them together into a garland (use wire to keep them in this shape) and then line them with moss or hay. You can then put colored eggs, chocolate eggs, and chick figurines into the “nest” prepared this way.

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