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Modern wooden furniture – inspiration

Destini Fry
Modern wooden furniture – inspiration

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Wood is a timeless material, which is why it is so often chosen by owners of apartments, houses and even offices or hotel rooms. It can be easily matched to many styles of decor. What modern wooden furniture to choose? We inspire!

Dark kitchen and wooden furniture – a solution for years

The kitchen is a room that must be characterized by functionality and orderly space. This season dark colors are in vogue, making the interior more elegant and cosy at the same time. In such a room, kitchen furniture made of wood will work great. They can be combined with many other materials, such as frosted walls, glass and even metal or granite

It is worth that the wooden cabinets are practical. That’s why, in addition to traditional space, deep drawers and developed corners will be useful. This way you can fit everything you have on hand

Wondering about handles? Minimalist elements, such as those in black or silver, go well with wooden kitchen cabinets. Also popular are handles milled into the fronts, i.e. hidden deep inside or on the rim. This is a very convenient solution, which at the same time will not negatively affect the final effect of the entire arrangement

If you have a kitchen open to the living room, decide on an island. You can use simply a wooden, tall piece of furniture, which will also have drawers on the kitchen side. On the opposite side, you will set high chairs and enjoy the functionality of the interior.

Navy blue kitchen and wooden furniture

Interior designers often recently opt for navy blue in the kitchen, which you can easily combine with raw wood as a countertop. You can choose wall cabinets in the same shade or in traditional white. Gold handles and electronics in a consistent shade, white (matching the wall cabinets) or black, will work great in such a kitchen.

Wooden furniture in this edition also looks great with gold fixtures and luxurious marble, which will work well in modern interiors.

Scandinavian style living room? Spice it up!

For many seasons the Scandinavian style living room is very fashionable. No wonder, it is distinguished by light shades, timeless materials and cozy character. It is worth to break this style. How to do it? If you are a fan of boho interiors, add handmade macramé or, bamboo accessories or fabrics made of natural materials. In more modern interiors, break the Scandinavian look with a trendy last golden shade or a coffee table with metal legs. Don’t forget about the corner sofa, which is the focal point of any living room. For example, Meblar upholstered furniture also has a sleeping function, so it is suitable even for small interiors.

Youth room and wooden furniture

Wood in the children’s room is also a great solution. In this room functionality and durability counts. Often the bed is not only a place to rest, but also to develop their skills, meet with peers or play. That’s why a wooden frame and a comfortable mattress will work perfectly here. If you are looking for practical solutions, choose a bed with drawers in the frame where you can fit books, bedclothes or seasonal items.

A children’s room also needs bookcases, which can be decorated with colourful inserts. An important point is also a wooden desk, which is characterized by resistance to damage and easy care. For example, Meblar wooden furniture for children’s room looks aesthetically pleasing, colorful and at the same time practical.

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