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Work triangle in the kitchen – how to design it?

Destini Fry
Work triangle in the kitchen – how to design it?

Are you renovating your apartment and are at the stage of designing your kitchen? It is worth knowing what to pay attention to so that the kitchen is not only pretty like the arrangements from Instagram, but also ergonomic

It may be helpful to create a working triangle in the kitchen – this is an unwritten rule of decorating, according to which the sink, stove and refrigerator should be placed on a triangular plan. We use these appliances most often in the kitchen and they are the basis of its equipment, so they should not be far away from each other. This arrangement of the kitchen will allow us to perform daily activities more efficiently and prepare meals faster. Check how to make a working triangle in the kitchen.

When designing our dream kitchen, we should create a place that is not only stylish and aesthetic, but above all functional. Good arrangement of cabinets and kitchen appliances can be a very important factor that will affect how quickly and efficiently we will prepare meals, wash dishes or bring the space to order

Therefore, when planning your kitchen, it is worth paying attention to what spacing will be conducive to practical issues. A successful arrangement should take into account how enjoyable cooking can be, even if the space is limited. Here are a few rules to help you design your kitchen work triangle so you can create the perfect space for you

The kitchen work triangle – from concept to completion

We do a lot of activities in the kitchen, such as cutting, mixing, washing and cleaning. To make your daily tasks easier, you should arrange your kitchen in a practical and functional way. The best way to do this is to plan a work triangle, so that the fridge, sink and stove are not too far apart

We keep supplies and food products in the refrigerator, so that’s where the process of preparing meals begins. Placing the refrigerator away from the countertops and sink will be inconvenient because we usually look into it at least a dozen times while cooking. From the refrigerator, we often have to transfer vegetables, fruit or meat directly to the sink for washing. The last step is cooking, after which it is good to be able, for example, to pour off the water from the pasta or potatoes to a nearby sink

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How to arrange furniture and household appliances in the kitchen?

If you want to make a working triangle in the kitchen, it’s worth dividing it into zones that will perform specific tasks. Much depends on its layout, but if we have such a possibility, it is best to place the refrigerator and the sink on the same wall. Apart from electrical appliances, kitchen furniture also plays an important role. Cabinets will be important, where we will keep crockery, glasses and all sorts of things needed for cooking

How else do I design the kitchen work triangle? It’s also a good idea to include a cabinet or drawer in the built-in plan for supplies, or food items that don’t need to be in the kitchen. Another very important consideration is worktops, the number of which should be functional. In a practical kitchen, there should be room for at least two workstations

Ergonomic kitchen – how to design it?

In the kitchen space, you also need to take into account the place for waste, ideally the trash can should be located near the sink. In most homes, trash cans are placed in the cabinet directly under the sink. A modern solution will be pull-out drawers in which we can place several containers, thanks to which we can immediately segregate waste

Apart from a stove or an induction plate, an oven and a microwave oven will be used to prepare meals. More and more people decide to place these appliances in a pillar-type cabinet, thanks to which we can use them without the necessity to bend down. It is a safer solution, especially when we take out very hot plates or heatproof dishes from the oven.

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