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How to slow down weed growth?

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Destini Fry
How to slow down weed growth?

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Weeds can spoil the appearance of even the prettiest garden. They take up space for other ornamental and cultivated plants to grow. Many people have a problem with them, so here is advice on how to prevent them from spreading

Basic prevention

Remember to start with the simplest preventive measures as they are also very effective. At the very beginning, you should get rid of all old weeds mechanically when preparing the area for a lawn or garden. Do not leave even small fragments of them, because then unfortunately they will grow back quickly. The easiest way to remove them is after a rain. When the ground is wet, weeds come out whole very easily. For this purpose, special weeding tools such as a graca or a hoe will come in handy. When you have finished, you should dispose of the weeds in a safe place so that they do not take over the garden again. This could be a special compost heap, for example. Later on, remove them even if they are very small. Then you will prevent them from growing to any great extent. Some people also choose to cover the soil with plastic sheeting. You can use this if you have not yet sown new plants, for example at the start of spring. It is good if the plastic sheeting is dark and impermeable. Weeds then do not have favourable conditions for growth due to the lack of light

Effective protection against weeds

A proven way to get rid of troublesome weeds is to use non-woven fabric. This material is made of polypropylene, used for mulching the soil and covering plants. It occurs in different types and each of them has a slightly different application. One of them is black agro-textile. It helps create the perfect microclimate for the development of various specimens, but does not allow the growth of weeds. It also regulates well the moisture content of the soil. Thanks to it you will also strengthen the root system of plants. This is one of the most effective ways to maintain a well-kept garden. The mulching fabric is usually found in dark colors, such as just black or brown. This allows you to easily identify the use of a specific material. Remember to thoroughly clean the surface before using it. You should get rid of any stones or roots. You should also level the area well. Then the weeds will have even worse conditions to grow. Another type is the winter agro-textile. It is worth using it during the colder months to protect plants from wind and low temperatures.

Natural ways

In addition to the above ways it is worth using a special mulch. It causes weeds to rot and yellow faster. For example, you can use pine or beech bark, sawdust, decorative stone, or brown coal. In addition, natural mulching has other advantages. Among other things, it reduces the leaching of valuable minerals from the soil and provides better protection for plants against frost. It is best to spread mulch in early spring, if new weeds have not yet grown after the winter

Some people choose to use a preparation prepared from baking soda. It is widely used in gardening and is often used by many people. You can sprinkle it on paths and driveways, for example, so that weeds are less likely to appear. Baking soda can be used as an aid to other, more effective measures. Of the natural remedies, sprays made from vinegar are also used. These are used, for example, on weeds that grow between paving stones. However, be careful not to spray it on crops and ornamental plants.

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