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How to beautify the space around the house?

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The space around the house can be successfully described as its business card. Therefore, it is worth taking care to make this area look as favorable as possible. Find out how you can beautify the plot around your house.

When thinking about the arrangement of the house, we usually focus on its interior. However, it is the space around it that is the real showpiece. After all, it is the area that you see at first glance. So find out what to do to make the entrance and the area around it look beautiful.

Terrace, or a comfortable and impressive place

To beautify the space around your home a bit, consider building a terrace. It is a great solution not only because of the effect and aesthetic value, but also for convenience – because you will gain a comfortable place to spend time with your loved ones. If you want your terrace to be exceptional and unique, you can build it yourself. Currently, one of the most popular types of house terraces is a terrace on the ground. Building it by yourself will not bring you much trouble. The first step is to prepare the ground on which the terrace will be built. This is followed by laying the foundation and securing the edges of the terrace. The final construction stage is the laying of the surface. You can make it out of concrete slabs or paving stones, as well as out of composite boards, as they are materials that are highly resistant to harmful weather conditions. You can find more about the advantages and installation of composite decking at If you want your terrace to have a canopy then a great choice would be polycarbonate chambered panels, such as those available at They are a good insulator of heat, and in addition they are also characterized by high acoustic insulation. Remember also to choose high quality materials, ones that will be resistant and durable for years

Plants around the house

If you want to beautify the area around your house, it cannot lack plants. With them, you can be sure that the area around your plot will indeed be stunning. But which plants should you choose? Start by planting at least one tree or shrub. If your front garden is small, you can opt for slightly smaller varieties such as Judas tree, acetic sumac, Golden Globe, Pendula hornbeam, catalpa and many ornamental apple, cherry and magnolia trees. Weeping trees will also work well. It is also a good idea to plant a variety of perennials such as ivy grass, woolly purse, creeping bush, yellow warbler or thymes between the shrubs.

Elegant path to the door

A great idea to decorate your front yard is to create an elegant path leading to the door. If the size of the plot allows it, in addition to the classic driveway, it is worth making such a separate path connecting the gate with the house. If you want to make sure that your path to the house will be comfortable, remember that it should be no less than 80 cm wide. You should also make sure that the path leads from the wicket straight to the door – the shortest possible route will make the paved surface take up as little space as possible and it will be convenient and practical to use. When looking for the right materials to make a path, be sure to check out

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