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Playground in the garden – do it yourself!

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Looking for ways to provide your kids with fun activities in the garden? See how to create an engaging playground yourself!

We all know that exercise is good for your health. Especially outdoors. A special place for children in your garden can encourage them to be outside more often. You don’t have to buy expensive ready-made playgrounds. You can make many of its elements yourself! See how to build an attractive playground yourself.

1. Choose the right place

It’s a good idea to plan a children’s playground in a place where you can keep an eye on it so that you can react quickly if necessary. A place away from flowers and shrubs is also a good idea as children can damage them while playing. It’s best to choose an area of the garden that you can play in without worrying about possible damage.

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2. Sandbox

This is a real center of entertainment for a child of any generation – playing in the sand is one of the favorite ways to spend time outdoors. A sandpit will take up some space, so it’s worth starting your playground project with it. It’s not difficult to make – all we need is a few planks and sand

3. Swing

Another thing that probably all children love. We can make a swing ourselves, if we have the right tools at our disposal. Its making will be easier if in our garden there is a fairly high and strong tree, on which we could hang it. To construct a swing, we will need strong ropes and a solid wooden plank

4. Balance

Another element of a playground, which we can make ourselves, is a balance beam. This attraction, apart from having fun, will help children to practice maintaining body balance. You can use various materials to construct it – planks, beams or stumps will be suitable for constructing the balance beam.

5. Obstacle course

It’s great fun for your child to try to overcome age-appropriate obstacles. In our backyard playground, we can construct a variety of obstacles that will keep children entertained, as well as help them develop motor skills, fitness and general physical fitness. Again, we will need materials such as boards, beams or tree stumps.

6. Balance rope

This item can be part of an obstacle course or a separate play and exercise area. The balancing rope is another playground construction that will provide your child with strength and balance training in addition to entertainment. To create this attraction, we need a solid rope and two stable posts to which we can attach it. They can also be trees growing in our garden, if they are in a convenient distance

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