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Facade cleaning – by yourself or with the help of professionals?

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Destini Fry
Facade cleaning – by yourself or with the help of professionals?

Did you know that the facade of your building also needs cleaning? Not everyone realizes this, which of course compromises the aesthetics of a building, even an exceptionally attractive one. Dirty walls with damp patches from rain are not a very pretty sight. So how should you take care of this part of the building that is most exposed to the weather?

Washing the facade – can you do it yourself?

The walls of your building no longer impress with their pristine whiteness? You can change this without expensive painting! It is enough to clean them properly. Even if there is fungus or other microorganisms on the surface of your building, you can remove them. You just need to choose the right method for this.

At the outset, it is worth noting that facade cleaning takes time, and is not one of the easiest. However, the effect will certainly delight you, and it is worth doing it on a fairly regular basis, once every few years, as needed, of course. What do you need to clean the facade yourself? Of course, a ladder, high enough to be able to freely reach up to the roof itself. Ordinary cleaning products are not enough, and it is best to rent or purchase pressure washing equipment. This will thoroughly clean the facade, but not every type of facade allows you to use this rather invasive method.Delicate facades will require the use of more delicate methods and chemicals.

After cleaning the walls of the building, it is also worth covering them with preservatives. It is important that they increase, first of all, the resistance of this surface to the influence of negative weather conditions, such as rain, snow, frost or scorching sun. For this task, painting with a special paint that will create an invisible coating on the wall will work well. It is also worth considering spraying anti-corrosion coatings, as well as cleaning the surface with dry ice. In this case, this will be a task for specialists who have been involved in keeping buildings in the best possible condition for years.

Why use the help of a specialist?

Facade cleaning is usually a hard and quite tedious job, especially if we are not skilled at it. In order to perform the task properly and not damage the walls of our house in the process, it will be best to use the help of specialists. Such companies have special agents that allow you to effectively fight against various dirt. They will also help you adjust the right method, and to properly protect the facade from moisture, fungi, frost and UV rays. It will then look exceptionally attractive. As a result, you will only need to use their services once every few seasons. 

Properly carried out cleaning guarantees a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and healthy appearance of the house. After a few hours of work by the company to clean various facades, you get a practically new house, without stains, traces of dirt and dust, as well as fungi and other microorganisms. In our opinion, it is better to use the help of professionals who will do their job efficiently, quickly and, above all, effectively.

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