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Overhead or sectional door – which one to choose?

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Overhead or sectional door – which one to choose?

Are you facing an important choice, which is a new garage door? This is an investment for many years, so it’s a good idea to think carefully and analyze the different options before making a decision

You can find different models of garage doors that have different functions and are made of different materials. It is also important how our gate will open. We can bet on the overhead garage door or sectional. Check which type of gate will work better in your home

The most popular solution among Poles are sectional gates. This is a newer solution in comparison with the overhead garage door, which a few years ago were leading the unquestionable. Currently, both solutions are quite common in Polish homes and depends on the needs of the owner, which type of gate will consider more appropriate. Each type has its pros and cons, so it is good before buying to know all possible options. It is an investment that will serve us for several years

The main function of a garage door is to protect your car and other valuables from thieves and weather conditions. The gate working on the remote control is a very convenient solution thanks to which you can close it without leaving your car. The color and structure of the gate should be matched to the appearance of the elevation, roof and fence so that all these elements constitute a coherent whole

What to consider when choosing a garage door?

The automatic opening of the garage gates until recently was available only for very wealthy persons. Today this solution is widely available and this type of gate have almost all owners of their own homes with a garage. In a garage door we usually invest quite a lot of money because we know that it is a purchase for years. However, it is worth taking care of proper maintenance of this type of device, so that it will serve us as long as possible. Learn about the pros and cons of sectional and up-and-over garage doors

What kind of garage door is worth choosing?

Sectional garage doors

When choosing a gate for your garage, you can opt for a sectional model. Depending on the location of the drive in the device, the gate can open upwards or to the side, then it moves like a curtain. Many people praise this second type of opening and closing of the gate, because you can leave the garage without having to bend down once the gate begins to close

Sectional doors slide on specially mounted tracks on the ceiling or wall. By deciding that the gate is to open to the side wall, we deprive ourselves of valuable space that could be used to hang a bicycle or set up a rack for tools. Sectional garage doors, however, are a very interesting and practical solution, and at the same time they make the garage door look designer.

Overhead garage doors

An alternative to sectional garage doors are models based on the mechanism of tilting the door when the vehicle enters the garage. They are often used in garages where one car is stored. The mechanism of lifting the gate is based on springs

Thanks to the fact that the gate is located on the ceiling when opened, we can use the side walls in the garage in an interesting way. In the door of the gate there is a place for a key, thanks to which we can activate the locking system of the gate. This type of garage can successfully open and close automatically. This is an older type of garage door, but manufacturers are trying to update it and make it meet all the expectations of homeowners with a garage. This type of door is usually made of steel or aluminum. The undoubted advantage is the price, which is quite low compared to sectional gates. Their cost oscillates around 1000 zł

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