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Methods for filtering water in the kitchen

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Destini Fry
Methods for filtering water in the kitchen

Despite the common opinion that tap water is clean and drinkable, it is advisable to purify it before consumption. Here are some suggestions on how to filter water.

It is worth knowing that tap water is not entirely pure. During transport through pipes it collects various impurities which contribute to changes of its taste, smell and even color. What is not visible to the naked eye, i.e. all kinds of chemical compounds contaminate water and over time may cause health problems. Therefore, even before boiling water it is good to prepare it properly and clean it with a filter

How to filter water?

Water filters differ in construction, effectiveness in removing contaminants, efficiency, shape and filtration method. It is worth knowing that you should choose the right model in terms of water hardness. For this purpose, a good solution is to perform a test, so you can check the quality of your water. When choosing a filter yourself, simple and proven solutions are the best.

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Tap water filter

Methods of water purification are many, one of the possible ways is to install a mechanical filter. This convenient device attached to the faucet spout helps stop fine sand and stones. It allows you to easily, without additional equipment, stop all the impurities that got into the water during its transportation. It allows you to filter water in a large quantity that is available as soon as you turn on the tap. It has a simple way of installation and use, but the whole system is in plain sight and looks unsightly. The effectiveness of the presented method depends largely on the material and mesh from which the filter is made. However, it is worth noting to avoid products made of fiber and various types of cords, which under the influence of water become an environment conducive to bacterial growth

Filter faucet

Another water filter is a model that is placed under the sink, thanks to which water of proper quality and drinkable water always flows from the tap. This is a proposal for more demanding people who do not want their filter to be visible. Special filtering faucets improve taste and remove impurities. The water is comparable to mineral water available in stores and provides appropriate minerals. Installing a filtering faucet is associated with a greater financial outlay, but the costs are quickly recouped.

Filter jugs

The easiest, cheapest and most common way to filter water is to buy a pitcher with a filter. Just pour water from the tap into it and wait until it cleans itself. However, you should remember to pour the water into the jug beforehand. The downside of this method is when you need more water. Filter cartridges should be replaced every month, you should remember about that to maintain good water quality. Special meters placed on pitchers are helpful in this regard. In practice, they are not as effective as under-the-counter filters, but they will work if the water quality is not very bad. Recently, bottles with filters have become fashionable, as they are ecological and convenient. Just pour water into the bottle and take it with you, and in the meantime the filter will clean it of impurities.

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