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Patio platforms – are they worth installing?

Destini Fry
Patio platforms – are they worth installing?

Terrace platforms are often installed on the terrace because of their easy attachment and price. These types of products are also aesthetically pleasing. We present the pros and cons of this solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of mounting terrace platforms

First of all, ready-made terrace platforms come in different sizes. Most often they have a square shape. They are made of plastic, wood or composite.

The advantages of this solution are the ease of installation and the availability of products in home improvement stores. They work great on a large terrace, as well as on a small balcony. Even if the surface is uneven or dirty, terrace platforms can be fixed to the floor. The weather and load resistance is also a great advantage, especially when it comes to plastic. You can therefore place garden furniture or plants.

What are the disadvantages of terrace decking? If you opt for real wood, you need to remember about regular maintenance. The natural material is also not as resistant to moisture as plastic or composite. You should therefore oil the surface once in a while so that it does not lose its charm.

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