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Furniture decoration ideas

Destini Fry
Furniture decoration ideas

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Metamorphosis of the interior does not have to be associated with large costs. Give a second life to the furniture that you already have at home and enjoy the changed decor for relatively little money. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than small decorations to give your home furnishings a special character. There are lots of ideas for decorating your furniture, and today we’re going to show you just a few of them.

Colorful accent

To liven up your interior and make your furniture one of a kind, you don’t necessarily have to decide on drastic changes, a colourful accent will do. Are you bored with your old wooden furniture? Or maybe you need to cheaply buy a few bookcases necessary, for example, for your books or toys for the new member of the family, but all available second-hand models do not fit into your taste and interior? Stock up on a can of furniture paint and a roller at your local home improvement store and give your room a colourful makeover.

Decoupage large and small

Decoupage is an art that works for both large pieces of furniture and small accents. Paint your chest of drawers with the right paint, stock up on decoupage glue and browse your cupboard for napkins . That’s right! Of course, you can buy special rice paper parchments, but plain dinner napkins with interesting prints will do just as well. Decoupage is an art for everyone, regardless of skills, budget and experience in the field of furniture renovation. At the same time, with its help, you will make your furniture even more “yours” – finally, you will put a piece of yourself in it. All with the help of napkins and a little glue.

Illuminate your dresser!

LED lighting can be used not only to illuminate the desk in the gaming corner, but also in the living room, kitchen or bathroom – wherever you want to give your furniture a special character. LED strip is an interesting solution for glass cabinets, where you present your collection of glass, figurines or anything else that deserves a special place in your room. What is the best thing about LED lighting? It comes in many different colors, so you’ll match it not only to classic interiors, but also to a more original look of decor. Lighting stores like cater to every taste!

Get a grip on the details

If you don’t want to take on painting and decoupage isn’t your style, opt for replacing the handles on your furniture. All you need is a screwdriver and in a few moments you can completely change the look of your furniture. Although they serve mainly a practical purpose, handles can also be an interesting decoration, and the variety of choices allows you to easily match them to your interior style. Retro-style metal handles work well in rustic rooms, leather belts are best for industrial-style rooms, and porcelain handles with delicate floral patterns work well in English-style homes. And if you want to get away from handles altogether, go for knobs! The choice is really wide, and the most unobvious combinations can be a hit.

In less than a minute!

No need to deal with paint that takes forever to dry. If you want to refresh the look of your furniture and distinguish it from other pieces of furniture, use furniture veneers. Amazing patterns will transform your bedside table, chest of drawers or closet in just a few moments and you will no longer worry that your interior is unadorned and expressionless. Amazing patterns will make you find the right veneer for the interior in any style, whether you are a fan of classic or modern solutions.

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