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Plan your household budget! How to save on electricity?

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Destini Fry
Plan your household budget! How to save on electricity?

Planning a household budget is not the easiest of tasks. Even more so when the bills and expenses keep increasing. However, we have a partial influence on the amount of our expenses. Find out how to save on electricity!

What is a household budget?

It’s worth starting with the fact that budgeting and writing down your expenses are not the same thing. Before you start planning your budget in detail, it’s a good idea to tally up your current expenses. You should know what and how much you are spending. It is worth considering which charges you can reduce and which you can give up altogether. Compare your expenses to your income and see if you are in the plus, minus or zero. At first, your budget will probably run you ragged, but it will teach you to estimate correctly and you will be better able to plan your budget

How to save electricity?

Energy bills are a major expense in every home. Saving doesn’t require much effort on our part. Just make a few simple changes to your daily life and you will benefit not only your wallet but also the ecosystem. Saving energy helps to reduce the production of carbon monoxide, sulfur, nitrogen, or hydrocarbons, which are major contributors to environmental pollution

Saving electricity at home

Annual increases in electricity prices motivate Poles to save energy and make a few small sacrifices in their lives. One of them is replacing equipment with energy-efficient class A++, A++ and A+. You will use less electricity, and if you place your fridge at least 10 cm away from appliances that give off heat, you will not generate extra costs for the increased need for cooling.

Above all, replace the bath with a shower. You will use less water, and try to turn off the water tapwhen applying shampoo.

When preparing meals, cover pots with a lid. This will speed up the cooking time, and when using the oven, try not to open it too often.

While on the subject of cooking habits, don’t put warm food in the fridge or freezer and boil only as much water as you need in the kettle . The more water the kettle has to heat, the more energy it will consume

Another way to save electricity is to only switch on your washing machine and dishwasher when it is full. Most importantly, turn off appliances that you are not using at the moment

A beneficial solution that will allow you to save is to use a power strip. You can plug it in the kitchen, bathroom and any other room. With just one click, you can turn off all the devices connected to it

Saving lighting

In summer and spring it is much easier for us to save on lighting. This is when we make the most of daylight. To get the most out of it during the rest of the year, you can roll up the curtains and place your desk close to the window. This way you get more natural light in your room

When using artificial light, it is advisable to get energy saving bulbs and install motion sensitive lighting . These will only light up when they sense movement.

Don’t overheat your home

When it comes to saving electricity it is important to make sure that the temperature in the room is right. In a bedroom the temperature should be 18°C. So if your rooms are too warm it is worth lowering the temperature by at least one degree. This can reduce your heating costs by up to 6% .

Saving electricity is not hard and with just a few changes you can reduce your bills and protect the environment. If you don’t currently plan to replace your appliances with energy-efficient ones, just start turning off the lights when you leave the room and remember to close the fridge door.

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