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Photovoltaics – is it a good way to get energy?

Destini Fry
Photovoltaics – is it a good way to get energy?

Photovoltaics is a word that is increasingly common in conversations, advertisements or newspapers. This is undoubtedly an interesting topic, which raises the very important after all, the issue of producing electricity, which in addition is emission-free and renewable, and thus ecological. How do solar panels work and is it a good way to get energy?

Electricity from the sun’s rays

The technology of obtaining electricity from the sun’s rays is definitely future-proof. In addition, it is an ecological process, no harmful substances are emitted into the atmosphere. For several years, photovoltaics has been developing very rapidly. Currently, the sun is the third largest source of renewable energy in the world, and photovoltaic panels are used, among other things, in small electronic devices, city lanterns or on private property.

How does photovoltaics work?

More and more often we can see photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings, elements of road infrastructure, or even on plots of land. They consist of several interconnected photovoltaic modules. These in turn are made of cells placed in a housing, connected in series, protected and manufactured from semiconductors, usually from mono or polycrystalline silicon.

In the modules, the photoelectric effect produces direct current. However, in order for the current to reach the socket, another element called an inverter or inverter is needed, which converts the direct current to one whose parameters are consistent with those of a household socket, i.e. into alternating current. In addition, the inverter’s task is to adjust the parameters of the generated current in such a way that the use of energy is as efficient as possible, as well as to monitor the processes taking place so that they can be analyzed for effectiveness.

What happens to the excess energy produced?

It often happens so, especially in summer and during very sunny days, that photovoltaic panels generate excess energy. In this situation, it is transferred to the power grid, to which we are connected. Electricity from the grid is given back to us when the produced energy from photovoltaic installation is in turn too little, this happens most often of course at night, and also in winter. Unfortunately, we can receive only 80% of the energy produced by our home power plant.

How much does photovoltaics cost?

Many people associate photovoltaics with a huge monetary investment and there is a belief that few can afford it. If the size of our wallet is not too large, you can always check the loan offers, which you will find on the site:

In fact, the price of photovoltaic installation depends on many factors, mainly, of course, on the quality of components and technical parameters of components. Of course, this is not all, very important here are also such aspects as the size of the installation, demand and several others.

The average cost of installing photovoltaics is in the range of 15 to 25 thousand zlotys. This may seem like a considerable expense, but it will certainly pay us back after a few years of work installation. You also need to remember not to save on quality and experience of the company installing photovoltaics, because it may cause us problems in the future. The missing cash we can easily get, for example, using chwilówki:


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