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What fragrance to choose for your closet?

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Destini Fry
What fragrance to choose for your closet?

We all like to surround ourselves with beautiful scents, so we invest in perfumes, oils or scented candles. Check how to ensure the perfect scent of your clothes by choosing a fragrance for your closet.

How to prevent unpleasant odours?

Laundry right after drying, rinsed in your favorite liquid, smells amazing, but unfortunately this effect does not last long. Often after putting things in the closet, they soak up the smell of other clothes in a short time. The first thing to remember, therefore, is to separate clothes freshly washed from those not yet dirty, but already worn. Especially smokers should remember about this, so that the clothes do not get soaked with tobacco. To avoid a musty smell, which can be responsible for old furniture, tobacco settled on clothing should opt for an odor absorber. Above all, avoid stuffing too many clothes into the closet as this will hinder air circulation. It is worthwhile to regularly air the closet, make sure that it is clean and avoid putting things even slightly damp, which in extreme cases may lead to the clothes rotting, and you will definitely smell a musty odor.

Closet fragrances

There are many products on the market that will give our clothes an extraordinary smell, if we take care of all the issues mentioned above.

  • scented sachets with dried flowers – this is the most popular way to smell beautifully, but also to prevent moles. This is a very convenient way, we put them there and replace once every few months
  • perfume for closet – it should be regularly sprayed on clothes
  • electric air freshener – very convenient, however, it will not work in small closets without access to an electric socket
  • scented waxes
  • home methods – e.g. dried citrus fruits
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