How to pack a child for vacation?

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Every parent who is packing their child for a summer or winter trip wants the child to have everything in their luggage to ensure a comfortable and successful holiday. So how to pack your child wisely for a trip?

Packing a child for a trip – what should I remember?

The basis for packing for any trip is good organization. A great trick that many parents use is to prepare a list of things for the child’s trip at least a week before departure – by writing everything down calmly on a traditional piece of paper, we do not have to worry that we will miss something.

Clothes and shoes for the child adapted to the weather

While packing clothes for a child it is worth to consider what weather conditions will prevail in a given place and take into account the current season. Besides one set of clothes (and underwear) for each day, it’s also a good idea to pack 2 emergency sets and extra pajamas in the suitcase.

Even if it’s a holiday trip, don’t forget the warmer clothes! When it comes to footwear, it’s worth packing at least 2-3 pairs plus slippers and flip-flops (for the beach or shower). Depending on the destination, it will be sports shoes, wellingtons, tennis shoes, sandals or trappers (shoes for mountains).

First-aid kit for a child

Out of concern for your child’s health, it is advisable to pack the following

  • a set for cuts (plasters, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectant),
  • preparations for insect bites,
  • a kit for pulling out ticks,
  • antipyretics,
  • cough syrup,
  • diarrhea medicine,
  • medicine for sore throats,
  • thermometer,
  • high protection sunscreen,
  • sunburn cream.

Personal hygiene products for your child

When it comes to products for daily care, your luggage should include:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • soap,
  • hair shampoo,
  • towel,
  • comb,
  • tissues,
  • moisturizer,
  • make-up bag.

Documents of the child

Documents are also an important issue. Make sure to pack in your travel suitcase:

  • child’s health booklet,
  • certificate of health insurance,
  • in the case of trips abroad, the child’s passport and the plane ticket/visa.

In order to be in constant contact with your child, it is worth taking care of a charged cell phone and a charger (especially if your child is going on summer camps or winter holidays for the first time)

Additional accessories for the child’s trip

Certainly during the trip your child will need a small backpack, a baseball cap and a raincoat. It is also a great idea to equip your child with a guidebook, camera, notebook and pen. Additional gadgets, such as puzzles, cards or board games will be a lifesaver on rainy days, thanks to which the child will not complain of boredom. It is also worth packing a favorite book and some toys.

We hope that thanks to our guide you will pack your child for the trip in a thoughtful and optimal way, without unnecessary overload of luggage.

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