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Not sure what to decorate your walls with? We suggest!

Destini Fry
Not sure what to decorate your walls with? We suggest!

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An empty wall in your home? This could be the perfect chance to spruce up your entire home. Our ideas will help you decorate your home and use original materials to do it.

Photos? Of course, but in what form?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about what to decorate an empty wall are photos. And this is a great idea. They bring back fond memories, and also make for a more pleasant and cozy atmosphere upon entering the apartment. Photos on the wall are not just about enclosing them in decorative frames. Although that is also a good idea. Here are some of our ideas.

Opt for a photo gallery. If you like simple and practical solutions, create a combination of several frames of different sizes and then fix them with pegs or special self-adhesive hooks. This is a great solution – you can play with the colors and forms of the frames. Remember to keep them consistent in color. Before planning your photo gallery, draw it out on a piece of paper.

How abouthanging photos on strings, which you attach to a large branch? This is a great solution for interiors with a rustic, boho, and Scandinavian style. A touch of natural materials will add a cozy character.

You can spice up each photo gallery with other elements on the wall. Now fashionable are large letters or mirror stickers in different shapes.

Photo wallpaper in the center of events

Choose one wall that is an important point in your room. For example, it can be the place where your bed, couch or table with chairs is located. Wall murals are not only used for decoration, but also to separate zones in a room, whether smaller or larger

There are many themes to choose from, including tropical, floral, animal, geometric or vintage. They can instantly change the style of an interior. For example, colors in contrasting shades will suit a modern interior, and imitation bricks will work well in a loft style

Minimum space, maximum functionality

Wall decor can not only be eye-catching, but also simply practical. Even in a small room you can organize a place that will serve as a dressing table for example. All you need is a shelf, on which you can put the necessary accessories, and a mirror in a decorative frame above it. In a minimalist version without a chair and unnecessary decorations, it is also a decoration of an empty wall.

If you want to gain additional storage space, bet on shelves in various shapes, such as hexagons. These recently fashionable constructions look great with plants, so you can create a beautiful place for your flowers.

When looking for ways to spice up your wall, consider a clock as well. This one can even occupy an entire empty space. Vintage designs or minimalist designs are trendy.

Creative wall painting

When all the walls are in one color and do not have any decorations – then it is worth to diversify them. However, if you are before painting them, think about a color accent. It is not just about painting one wall a different shade, but also playing with patterns and shapes

How about geometric patterns in different shades of grey or gold stripes adorning a navy blue wall? These are just some of the ideas that can be implemented

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