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The attic – how to make it a place for office work?

Destini Fry
The attic – how to make it a place for office work?

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A room in the attic can be used as a study. However, in order for this to happen, it is necessary to adapt it to this. When designing a place to work in the attic, it is very important to properly arrange the furniture and take into account the lighting. We suggest how to effectively use the space in the attic to create a place for office work.

The attic is associated with a quiet and secluded place, which is actually an ideal space to make a home office in it. Properly selected furniture and colors will create a space conducive to concentration on work.

Furnishing an office in the attic

To arrange a room for office work, it must be large enough to accommodate the necessary furniture. A desk will be necessary, but if the room is not big enough, a desk with height adjustment is a great solution. A comfortable chair, preferably a swivel chair on wheels, should be placed next to the workstation. In a home office, it’s also a good idea to install shelves on the walls or put up a bookcase to hold documents and other materials used at work. Low but deep drawers are best. If your home office will receive clients, you’ll need to prepare a table and chairs or a couch.

A good solution, when it comes to furniture in an attic office, will be modular furniture. They will allow maximum use of interior space. An interesting solution will be elegant baskets or boxes, which will replace high shelves, which are generally associated with office spaces. In addition to storage, baskets and chests can also be an interesting interior decoration.

Natural light

To ensure comfort at work, remember about natural light. It is the healthiest for the eyes. In the attic we usually deal with roof windows placed at an angle. A good solution is the fakro 78×140 roof window. The workstation should be situated in such a way that it has access to as much natural light as possible. The desk can be placed either in front of or to the side of the window. However it should stand close to the window, at a distance of about 1 meter. This ensures the flow of fresh air.

However, remember that slanted roof windows receive more sunlight than vertical windows. In summer the sun can shine more intensively, so it is worth considering roller blinds for roof windows. Another, equally good solution, would be to install air conditioning in the office work room. This will certainly make your work more comfortable, especially on hot days. If you are looking for a company that will perform the installation of air conditioning Jastrzębie-Zdrójis one of the cities where you will find one.

Office lighting in the attic

In addition to natural light, its artificial sources are also very important. In an attic office it is worth installing a chandelier approximately in the middle of the ceiling. Work will also be easier with additional lighting, such as a desk lamp or LED tapes. Optimal office lighting is very important, especially for people working in the evenings.

What else should be taken into consideration?

Arrangements in the attic must first of all take into account the bevels, thanks to which it will be possible to manage the entire space in the best possible way. Usually, tables, cabinets or bookcases work well in slanted spaces. It is not a good idea to use a beveled corner for the purpose of a beveled room. Currently, however, the market is available a very large number of furniture designed specifically for the interior in the attic.

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