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What accessories to choose for a navy blue wall?

Destini Fry
What accessories to choose for a navy blue wall?

A navy blue wall is the perfect complement to interiors decorated in nautical, modern or art déco styles. But what accessories to choose for a wall in this color? We suggest!

A navy blue wall is a strong accent in a room. This color adds elegance and a somewhat mysterious character to a properly arranged interior. The color navy blue is attributed with soothing qualities – it is supposed to calm down, eliminate tension and reduce stress. It is therefore worth introducing this color into interiors where we relax after a hard day. A navy blue wall will therefore work perfectly in the living room and bedroom. 

How many walls to paint navy blue?

Navy blue walls will look best in rooms of considerable size. Small rooms can be optically reduced if the navy blue color dominates their design. Therefore, it is worth being careful and paint, for example, only one wall in such a strong color, and take care of its proper lighting. 

Also remember not to combine navy blue walls with dark floors and ceiling (here it is best to go classic and paint it white). As for the floors, it is worth choosing those in a delicate shade of gray or break with oak flooring in natural color.

What furniture to choose for a navy blue wall?

Navy blue walls require caution in the selection of accessories. When we say accessories, we mean not only decorations, but the entire decor and furnishings of the room. So let’s start with the furniture. The color navy blue perfectly harmonizes with light colors – so it is worth choosing white furniture, in natural pine or white stained oak. An interesting option is also to set a light gray sofa against a navy blue wall. A navy blue strong accent is good to break with bright colors, so furniture in these colors will provide an interesting counterpoint.

What decorations go well with a navy blue wall?

The choice of decorations that we place in a room with a navy blue wall depends largely on the style in which we decorate the apartment. If you go for art déco, then hang bright posters framed in gold or silver on the navy blue wall, which will perfectly match this style. 

If the navy blue wall in your bedroom complements the nautical style, then an interesting option is to set against it a bedding box that comes with a rope-like handle. You may also be tempted to hang a macramé on the navy blue wall, which with its style refers to the nautical climate – you can choose, for example, a hanging decoration on a natural stick, the weaves of which were made from string and raffia.

A navy blue wall is a strong and slightly crazy accent in your living room decorated in modern style? Then remain cautious when choosing decorations. Geometric shelves on which you set flowers in designer pots or modern graphics framed in simple frames will look great on a navy blue wall. 

As you can see, the selection of accessories for rooms with a navy blue wall is not as difficult as you might think. It is enough to follow a few simple rules and choose accessories and decorations in accordance with the style in which we decorate the house.

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