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What distinguishes the Provencal style?

Destini Fry
What distinguishes the Provencal style?

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Provence interiors are cozy, full of traditional furniture and natural materials. What else is characteristic about this style from the south of France? How to arrange interiors in such style?

Colors in Provence style

Everything that is bright, delicate and romantic will work best in this style. Therefore, in most interiors, white is almost always the main color. It can be ivory or milk shade. In addition to white, the Provencal style is pastel, lavender purple. It can appear in the form of accessories.


The main material in Provencal interiors is wood. The most suitable here will be stylized furniture. Aged furniture, full of knots and cracks, will fit perfectly into this style. The shape of the furniture is usually streamlined and light. It is important here to show inspiration from nature and expose the material from which the furniture is made.

In a Provencal interior, a wooden sideboard, whitewashed chests of drawers, etagerees or glazed serviettes will be perfect. They can be decorated with classic, simple slats. A very large selection of furniture in this style can be found at

Materials in Provencal arrangements

In addition to wood, stone is also important. You can introduce it to interiors in the form of wall cladding or flooring. The best choice, however, is a wooden floor, and whitewashed beams at the ceiling. Wicker elements, such as baskets, potholders, lampshades or placemats, also work well. Natural and lacy fabrics cannot be missing as well. You can easily reach for openwork and linen tablecloths or runners. You can also introduce to the arrangement aged fabrics in a tea shade. The upholstery of rest furniture is also important. Here also linen or cotton should dominate. As far as patterns are concerned, they should be rather subtle. If we want to bet on a large floral motif, for instance, it should be kept in subdued colors.


In Provence style, classic chandeliers or lamps with lampshades in the shape of a basket work well. They should preferably be white. The main source of light, the one at the ceiling, should be as big as possible. Also hanging lamps with lampshades resembling natural materials in their texture shall work well. When it comes to additional lighting, it is worth to bet on wall lamps. They will perfectly emphasize the character of the arrangement. It is best to choose a model that matches the lamp or chandelier with its color or form.

Kitchen in Provence style

Because this style is associated mainly with simplicity, it will work well in the kitchen. It will be necessary to have aged wooden cabinets, preferably white, with opening doors. In combination with stylized tiles and ceramic or wooden countertops, we will achieve a beautiful effect. Fresh herbs in pots will complete the kitchen interior perfectly. It is also worth placing woven, whitewashed bread baskets, ceramic dishes and containers with wooden elements. Wooden napkins or aged photo frames will also look beautiful.

What to combine with Provencal style?

Thanks to the fact that this is a very mild style, it can be combined with many other styles. It works best with chabby chic, which will bring to the interior an idyllic atmosphere thanks to aged vintage elements. French palace style, on the other hand, will add to the interior a bit of luxury with the use of quilted fabrics, mirrors in decorative frames or lamps with crystal lampshades.

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