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Wall decor – not just clocks! Inspirations

Destini Fry
Wall decor – not just clocks! Inspirations

For what purpose do we keep a clock at home? This does not need to be told to anyone, but how to make our timekeeper present itself interestingly and introduce an amazing overtone? Here are some original inspirations that are sure to delight.

But… how?

On the market some time ago appeared stickers on the wall, which revolutionized the whole system. Now you only need to stick in any place such a sticker with an attached set with a lamp or a clock to enjoy the original decor. It is also important that they are not expensive, we can arrange them in any pattern, arrange your own ideas. If for some reason not stickers, you can always get ordinary clocks, but with a non-traditional appearance and specific accessories.

What to do with books?

Recently on the websites appeared a clock, which instead of numbers has on the dial… books. These do not have to be glued to the wall at once, they can be placed on small shelves, creating a functional combination of decoration, clock and place for various objects. The whole will make an amazing impression!

This decoration is perfect for everyone who loves literature and cannot do without books. However, if you get bored with any of them, you can always change the arrangement. This idea can be modified in various ways, on the shelves instead of books you can put other objects, e.g. travel souvenirs or figurines, as well as photos.

Directions of the world

This clock resembles a compass dial with directions: north, south, east and west. It will be perfect for people who value and nurture their travel hobby and would like the wall in their home to emphasize their interests. The clock can be surrounded by photos or souvenirs from those travels.

Alice in the Land of No Time

This clock came out a while back, also in a wristwatch edition. It’s easy to make one at home – just glue all the numbers chaotically to one side of the clock and attach the text “Whatever, I’m late anyway” (“Whatever, I’m late anyway”)

For people who are really late it may be a big problem with finding out what time it really is, nevertheless this decoration creates an amazing impression, especially dedicated to those who like fantastic climates, movies or books.

Flying away fragments

On the websites of mail-order stores there are many offers with clocks in a seemingly traditional form, around which we can stick different matching fragments, such as squares or butterflies. They are an ideal solution for those who do not want unusual or sophisticated forms in their home, but would prefer to choose something more original than a traditional clock.


A clock does not have to have numbers or a dial, it can consist of a wire form (black, matte metal), very avant-garde, standing out from the walls of modern rooms. Such solutions will work especially well in industrial or loft style interiors, ideally – on a brick wall, or possibly on a white one.

Less sophisticated are clocks with a layout loosely resembling the face of London’s Big Ben clock, which also perfectly emphasize the sophisticated style of the entire room.


For glamour style it would be worthwhile to choose a decoration full of crystals and polished metal. Around it, we can stick various decorations ourselves. Clocks on a dial made of ceramics or marble will also work well. More and more often clocks take different shapes, not only oval, but also square, rectangular or unusual patterns.

A range of inspirations

This is not all about wall decorations with the use of a clock, there are really a lot of possibilities, just browse the offers of several stores. It doesn’t have to be a traditional clock with a face and numbers, it can be simple creations made of metal or sophisticated arrangements made of shelves and books, most of which we can create ourselves. Stickers will be perfect for this purpose.

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