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Textiles to decorate your living room

Destini Fry
Textiles to decorate your living room

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Decorations and ornaments are an extremely important part of interior design. So if you want to give your living room a character, it is necessary to decorate it with appropriate textiles. We suggest which ones will look best

Window decoration

When choosing textiles for the living room, it is worth paying attention to the window decoration. The most sophisticated proposal, which at the same time gives you great freedom in terms of color and design, are certainly curtains. This is the most classic proposal that has been decorating windows for years. They have many advantages, but undoubtedly the biggest one is their great variety. You can choose from many materials, patterns and textures. For the living room will fit perfectly those slightly thicker and heavier. They will give the interior a cozy and warm atmosphere. Another advantage of curtains that you should not forget is that you can easily clean them. All you have to do is to take them down from the curtain rod and wash them in the washing machine.

However, if you prefer more modern solutions, you can opt for roller blinds. Roman blinds made of high quality and beautifully looking fabrics will be great. The great advantage of this solution is undoubtedly the fact that roller blinds save a lot of space. They have a minimalist feel and when the windows are uncovered, they are virtually unnoticeable. You also have a wide choice when it comes to the type of roller blinds. You can choose fabric roller blinds that roll up, day-night blinds or 3D roller blinds. This way you can be sure to find a window decoration that meets all your expectations.


A living room decoration that is also worth having is a carpet. You can place this soft accessory by the coffee table or next to the sofa. It will bring a cozy character to the interior. They warm it up, give it softness, and besides, they help to group the furniture, such as the armchairs and the sofa. You can choose from easy-to-vacuum flat-weave rugs to thick, high-pile rugs that will be a pure pleasure for your feet. Round, soft, square, fluffy… the range of possibilities is really big. Plus, you can opt for a non-slip carpet for safety, and it’s great if you have small children.

Decorative cushions

A home textile you simply must have is also a decorative cushion. They will beautifully decorate the sofa in your living room. They are cosy, soft and will make you much more comfortable. You can choose from the classic square ones, rectangular ones, and even cylindrical or unusually shaped ones. And look for details like tassels and decorative buttons. However, if you like to change your decor from time to time, you may decide to buy a plain white insert and some interesting pillowcases, for example with floral patterns, stripes, or maybe all in one color. It’s important that the decorative cushion matches the sofa and furniture, but also that it is, above all, comfortable

Blankets and plaids

A cozy living room can not do without soft and pleasant blankets or blankets. They will add charm to any sofa, and on cool evenings you can throw them over your shoulders and get warm. It’s probably the easiest way to warm up your home. You can choose from lots of materials and textures. You can find all the best and most striking textiles at

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