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What should I consider when choosing roller blinds for my windows?

Destini Fry
What should I consider when choosing roller blinds for my windows?

If you are fed up with neighbors’ prying eyes, streetlights coming into your bedroom at night or sun rays reflecting off your TV set, it is worth considering the choice of appropriate blinds for your window. It is good to pay attention not only to the most designer models but also to take a longer look at their practical application. A wide range of possibilities allows you to find the ideal blind which will fulfill its function and delight with its appearance, complementing the stylish interior design.

Non-invasive roller blinds

There’s no denying it, many of us still haven’t lived to see our own four walls and live with our partner in a rented apartment. Fortunately, this does not mean that we have to give up on roller blinds altogether for fear of disturbing a wall or window frame. Non-invasive roller blinds do not cause any problems during installation. It is enough to attach them to the upper edge of the window and if necessary (when cleaning windows or moving house) remove them in just a few seconds. The simplicity of production does not make them lose quality. They perfectly protect against insolation and prevent heating of the room on hot days

Day and night blinds

Day and night blinds are a modern solution for modern interiors. They are made of alternating strips of material, which allows you to adjust the level of light intensity. During the day they protect against prying eyes of passers-by, at the same time providing an appropriate amount of natural lighting. At night they guarantee full privacy and protection from the moonlight. They work well in the living room, office, and even in the kitchen, i.e. wherever you would like to enjoy the sun’s rays without the oppressive heat

Thermo-insulated roller blinds

During hot weather, temperatures inside the apartment can far exceed the temperature outside. Especially if you live in a block of flats, the sun coming through your windows can make your own living room feel like an oven on hot days. Thermal blinds will not only allow you to watch your favorite TV show in peace, but will also provide a much-needed break from the summer heat. Installation, although invasive, allows you to open the windows without any problems, and the material adheres tightly to the frame even in the wind. The whole is extremely aesthetic and practical, and the user is guaranteed complete privacy and hours of undisturbed sleep.

Roof windows

Apartments in the loft or top floors of the house have a particular tendency to heat up when exposed to sunlight. Venetian blinds for roof windows are a unique solution that allows you to cover only part of the window, thus protecting you from excessive sunlight without depriving you of access to daylight. This interesting solution will give each room a unique character while ensuring full functionality. Modern models of roof pleats allow you to manipulate the blind in many ways. You can simultaneously admire the beautiful cloudless sky or stars, while hiding from the unwanted glare of the sun or moon.

East or west?

When choosing the right blinds, it is worth to take into account in which room they are to serve you. Does the sun shine mainly from the east or west side? When does it mainly appear in the morning or rather in the afternoon? The rooms in which you sleep require solutions that guarantee complete privacy and intimacy, and the home office access to daylight. It is good to take all these issues into account before you decide on the ideal blind for your home.

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