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How to choose a sink to be functional and pretty?

Destini Fry
How to choose a sink to be functional and pretty?

Finding the perfect sink is not as easy as it may seem. Different materials, shapes and colors make it difficult to choose the right sink. So how to choose the one that works best among the many models? And what should you pay attention to so that the equipment is a purchase for many years? Check.

Sink – one, one and a half or two bowls? Which one to choose?

The first thing to consider before buying a sink is its intended use. The size of the equipment will depend on the size of your kitchen, how often you cook and the number of roommates. In this case, the decision will also be influenced by the fact that you have a dishwasher – if you use it regularly, a large and deep sink will not be so necessary

The most popular models on the market include one-compartment, one-and-a-half-compartment and two-compartment sinks. So which type works best for you? In a small apartment, it’s worth buying a one-bowl sink – it won’t take up much space and at the same time it will be fully practical. Large families are advised to buy a two-compartment sink, which will make cleaning up after meals easier and faster. In deep bowls you can also easily wash larger dishes, such as pots and pans. An intermediate model is a comfortable one and a half bowl sink – perfect for quickly washing up cutlery, rinsing out a cutting board or straining vegetables and pasta

Sink – what material should it be made of?

Synthetic granite or stainless steel? Or maybe ceramic? You do not have to limit yourself when deciding on the material – there is something for everyone. So what are the most common and most preferred materials? Well known stainless steel is characterized by resistance to high temperatures and impact and strength. Its advantages include low price and ease of cleaning. A stainless steel sink will work well in both traditional and modern kitchen design – it is versatile

If you care about elegant décor, a sink made of granite will be a hit. Its undeniable advantage is the durability and solidity of workmanship. This kind of sink is available in several colors, including sand, green and cinnamon, so you can easily match it with other elements of the interior design. Ceramic sink will turn out to be a successful proposition if you like simple and proven solutions. Resistant to damage and scratches, it is comfortable to use. Available in several colors, it’s a safe and practical purchase

Overlay, inset or undermount sink?

Another important criterion when choosing a sink is how to install it. The options include sinks placed on a cabinet, flush-mount and undermount. What distinguishes the various types? The easiest installation, which does not even require a drill, is characteristic for s inks that are placed on a cabinet

Such a sink is most often used in rooms with a small area, such as in studios and two-room apartments in blocks of apartments. The most popular choice is the sink embedded in the countertop – it is installed in a pre-cut hole. This type of sink guarantees better hygiene – it is easier to keep clean. The last model, the undermount sink, is installed from underneath the countertop. Its advantages certainly include the visual aspect – the sink does not stick out above the worktop and is almost invisible from the outside

What kind of sink to choose?

As the sink has many practical functions, i.e. it helps to keep the kitchen clean, provides constant access to water and also plays an ornamental role, its purchase requires proper consideration. Among the issues that need to be considered is the purpose of the sink, the material of construction, the desired aesthetics and the installation method. It is also worth keeping in mind accessories in the form of fittings – a skilfully selected mixer tap will complement the sink and create a functional and pleasing to the eye set.

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