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What to paint the kitchen ceiling with?

Destini Fry
What to paint the kitchen ceiling with?

Painting a ceiling, despite the fact that it seems simple, is not really so. It requires proper knowledge regarding selection of paints and accessories. Check what to choose!

White ceiling can be found in almost every house. It is a classic solution, which is a perfect base and allows you to introduce other colors to the room and optically raise the ceiling. Thanks to this the room seems to be more spacious. So how to properly prepare for the renovation and painting the ceiling?

First of all, do not buy the first can of paint and before starting to paint properly protect the room

The right paint and necessary accessories

First, you need to find out how many liters of paint you need. To calculate this, check the can of paint – you’ll find a calculator on each package. Also, pay attention to the batch number – it is best if the paint you choose has the same number. Then you will get a uniform surface

Paint selection

First of all, it should be directed to painting ceilings. There are several leading brands on the market, which are characterized by properties such as non-splashing formula or lack of streaks. Try to choose one that has as few volatile organic compounds as possible. Then the odor is neutral and the emission of harmful substances is reduced

Source: O V image from Pixabay

Paint for the ceiling

To choose the best paint for you, pay attention to the type of solvent. Until recently, solvent-based paints were considered to be of better quality. The solvent used in them made the coating more durable. Nowadays, water-soluble paints in stores match the quality of solvent-based emulsions and also guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and smooth surface.

Water-solublepaints are a type of paint used for painting, which differ in the parameters of the structure of the coating. The technique of their application results from the type of binder used. On this basis, two types are distinguished, which are willingly used for painting ceilings:

  • Acrylic paints – their binder is acrylic resin, which is characterized by vapor permeability and abrasion resistance. It is also resistant to moisture and chemical detergents. Their definite advantage is short drying time.
  • Latex paints – extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. They are characterized by good coverage and safely retain their color for several years

The advantage of using water-based paints is the lack of smell and the fact that they are safe for the environment

Degree of gloss

The next thing you should check when choosing paint for your kitchen ceiling is the degree of gloss. It determines better wash resistance and if you choose a more matte one, you can hide uneven surfaces underneath it

Resistance to washing

Resistance to washing depends on the amount of resin in the paint. You can tell how good the quality of the paint is by this parameter.

  • class 1 – the highest level of resistance to washing.
  • class2 – paints that are partially resistant to washing.
  • class3 – intermediate class. Paints of this class can be gently wiped
  • class4 and 5 – are the least resistant products to washing and abrasion

When you visit a construction store, pay attention to the above parameters to get the effect you want and think if your household members often dirty the walls

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